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PSR Iowa Holds Its Own EPA Public Hearing on Carbon Rule

Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on September 10, 2014

This summer, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency held four public hearings on the Clean Power Plan, its proposed rule to set limits on carbon emissions from power plants. However, no hearings were held in or even close to Iowa, a particularly coal-intensive state relative to its low population.

Concerned that representatives of the coal industry were able to participate in large numbers in the EPA hearings while Iowans couldn’t, Iowa PSR coordinator Maureen McCue, MD, MPH and her fellow chapter members set up their own well-attended hearing in Iowa City.

"This PSR Iowa public hearing brings public attention to the Clean Power Plan and engages the public in our efforts to make this city, state and nation a leader in transitioning to a locally, sustainably produced clean energy future," McCue stated.

"I'm striving to provide just a bit of balance to the response. We took written testimony and will make certain it is delivered to the EPA,” she said.

The EPA rule is designed to reduce carbon emissions from power plants by 30 percent nationally.   Each state has a slightly different emissions target, reflecting varying feasibility across states.  Submit your comments on the rule to the EPA here.

Although Iowa relies heavily on coal combustion, it is also a leader in wind generation – a low-carbon renewable approach to generating electricity that the state could choose to pursue when it reduces its carbon pollution.


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