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Make a difference in the challenge to confront global warming and prevent nuclear war and the development and use of nuclear weapons.

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We now have 34 senators who will vote to approve the Iran deal, allowing President Obama to uphold a veto if need be. Email your representative now so it doesn’t come to that.

PSR's Work on Toxics Policy Reform

PSR is working with a broad range of organizations to achieve real toxics reform.  We are raising the audibility of our “medical voice” in Washington and across the country to advocate for commonsense, health protective policy.

PSR is educating health professionals about the need for chemical policy reform. We are also talking with policymakers to ensure that reform proposals protect the public’s health, particularly those most vulnerable including, pregnant women, developing children, worker’s exposed to high levels of chemicals and hot-spot communities surrounded by pollution.

For example, in September 2012 PSR held a briefing before the U.S. Senate on the health impacts of exposure to toxic chemicals and the need for real reform. View the power-point presentations from the briefing here.

PSR is also engaging our members and the public health community via action alerts, social media and our online Environmental Health Policy Institute.

PSR has produced a series of educational handouts for health professionals on chemicals and health. View them here:

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