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Real Health-Protective Toxics Policy

The Chemical Safety Improvement Act (CSIA) and the Chemicals in Commerce Act currently before Congress, seek to update the outdated, Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA).  Unfortunately, both proposals have major deficiencies and do very little to protect our communities from exposure to toxic chemicals.

These reform proposals would:

  • Allow known "bad actor" chemicals like lead, asbestos, formaldehyde, and chromium to remain on the market and in our communities;
  • Provide very limited health and safety information on chemicals;
  • Fail to ensure protections for the most vulnerable, like pregnant women, children, workers, and communities surrounded by polluting facilities; and
  • Roll back existing state regulations and prevent new laws from being enacted. among other flaws.
Real Health-Protective Toxics Reform will:
  • Require that chemicals be shown safe to remain in use, rather than require they be shown harmful to be removed.
  • Establish clear protections for children, pregnant women, workers, and hotspot communities heavily affected by pollution and toxic chemicals.
  • Preserve states' rights to regulate chemicals and to be more protective than federal standards.
  • Empower the EPA to move quickly on the worst chemicals, including bans and phase outs if necessary.
  • Utilize the best available science to assess chemical hazards.
  • Allow public access to chemical hazard information and data as a means to support innovation in the development of products that are safer and greener.
  • Incentivize industry to design hazards out of products in the first place

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