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Welcome to PSR's Environmental Health Policy Institute, where we ask questions -- then we ask the experts to answer them. Join us as physicians, health professionals, and environmental health experts share their ideas, inspiration, and analysis about toxic chemicals and environmental health policy.


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Andrew S. Kanter, MD MPH

Andrew S. Kanter, MD MPH is president of Physicians for Social Responsibility and has been involved with PSR since 1982 when he started a chapter at UCLA. In 1985, he was appointed as the first full-time Medical Student Liaison to the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Dr. Kanter is currently director of Health Information Systems/Medical Informatics for the Millennium Villages Project for the Earth Institute at Columbia University as well as an Assistant Professor for Clinical Biomedical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology at Columbia. He travels globally and has firsthand experience of the effects of militarism on development and the environment.


Evacuation in Case of Nuclear Reactor Accident: Feasible?, October 31, 2012