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Welcome to PSR's Environmental Health Policy Institute, where we ask questions -- then we ask the experts to answer them. Join us as physicians, health professionals, and environmental health experts share their ideas, inspiration, and analysis about toxic chemicals and environmental health policy.


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Lin Kaatz Chary, PhD MPH

A resident of Northwest Indiana on the shores of Lake Michigan, Lin Kaatz Chary has over 25 years of experience in environmental health issues, with a focus on exposures to toxic chemicals and Great Lakes policy. She was the first executive director of the Grand Cal Task Force, a multi-stakeholder grass roots environmental organization, from 1986-1988.  Since 1988, she has worked with a broad diversity of environmental organizations on policy and toxics issues at the international, federal, state and local levels. In 1992, she received her Masters of Public Health from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health (UIC SPH), and in 2001 she was awarded a PhD in Public Health from UIC SPH, where she received the Paul Peterson Award for Excellence, and was a University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs Fellow. Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago included analysis of PCB policies in the Great Lakes, a study of occupational exposure to PCBs in workers at a capacitor and transformer plant which was a Superfund site, congener-specific PCB exposure in an occupational cohort, and investigation of PCB awareness in subsistence and non-English speaking fishermen at Chicago's Lake Michigan shoreline. From 2008-2009, she served the Gary (IN) CARE Partnership as the project environmental health coordinator, and has served on U.S. EPA's Binational Toxics Strategy Integration Group for over a decade. Her work also includes analysis of the renegotiation of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Review, and, as a member of the Policies and Practices Workgroup of ATSDR's recent National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures, she helped draft the workgroup report. She is the founder and Project Director of the Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network, and founder and director of the Indiana Toxics Action Project. She teaches online at Indiana University where she is an adjunct professor in the Labor Studies Division with courses on labor and the environment.


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