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Welcome to PSR's Environmental Health Policy Institute, where we ask questions -- then we ask the experts to answer them. Join us as physicians, health professionals, and environmental health experts share their ideas, inspiration, and analysis about toxic chemicals and environmental health policy.


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Mark Mitchell, MD MPH

Mark Mitchell is the principal of Mitchell Environmental Health Associates, a consulting firm on environmental health and environmental justice issues. Dr. Mitchell is also founder and Senior Policy advisor for the Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice. Dr. Mitchell has spent over twenty years working in the public health sector, including as Director of the Hartford, Connecticut, Health Department and as Deputy Director of the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department. He has spent the past fifteen years educating the community on the effects of the environment on health. Working primarily with communities of color and low-income whites, he teaches people what can be done to prevent and reduce the disproportionately higher rates of disease in their communities. 

Dr. Mitchell has served on the US EPA’s National Environmental Justice Advisory Board and on the US Food and Drug Administration’s Advisory Committee on Blood and Blood Products. He is currently a member of the US EPA’s National Advisory Council on Environmental Policy and Technology. He recently received the Physician of the Year award from the National Medical Association Region I and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency Region I.

Dr. Mitchell is a public health physician with an MD from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Dr. Mitchell received his Master’s in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University, where he was trained in environmental health and health policy. 


Chemical Lifecycle and Exposure in Environmental Justice Communities, October 6, 2011