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Nuclear Weapons: We Are All on the Front Line

July 24, 2014
Asheville, North Carolina

Time: 2:30 - 4:00 pm
Location: University of NC at Asheville, 1 University Heights

PSR/Western North Carolina presents this workshop at the national meeting of Veterans for Peace, held July 23-25. PSR/WNC will also have a table throughout the meeting.

"Nuclear Weapons, We are all on the Front Line"

Nuclear weapons blow away all war limits ever set. Everyone is on the front line. They are unusable as weapons.

The workshop addresses the unfathomable humanitarian consequences of the use of  nuclear weapons as well as US plans for continued bomb production and development of an expanded nuclear weapons presence in the Far East.

The presenters address three nuclear weapons topics:

First, “The Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear War”, by Steve Gilman who describes the catastrophic global impact of a limited nuclear war. The second topic by Robert Howarth, “The Uranium Processing Facility”, who shares with us the saga of the flawed efforts to build a new bomb plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The 3rd topic is the “Pivot to the East” by Stanley Dienst who shares with us the current nuclear weapon build-up in the South China Sea.

A question and answer session moderated by Terry Clark follows the presentations.


Steve Gilman, Project Management Professional (PMP),
Member, WNC/PSR Executive Committee,
Member, PSR National Board

Robert Howarth, Long-standing activist on nuclear, environmental and social justice issues,
Member, WNC/PSR,
Member, Union of Concerned Scientists,
Member, Catholic Committee of the Appalachia’s

Stanley Dienst, M.D., Retired physician,
Long-standing activist with PSR,

Terry Clark, M.D., Chair, WNC/PSR,
Associate Clinical Professor, Psychiatry, Quillen College of Medicine, East TN State University

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