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Make a difference in the challenge to confront global warming and prevent nuclear war and the development and use of nuclear weapons.

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Please ask your senators to cosponsor Sen. Franken's bill to challenge the trillion dollar nuclear weapons buildup.

PSR at APHA Annual Meeting

October 29, 2011 - November 2, 2011
Washington, District of Columbia

Location: Washington Convention Center, 801 Mount Vernon Square

PSR staff and leaders participate in the American Public Health Association annual meeting. PSR will be tabling with the Peace Caucus and several PSR board and staff members will participate in presentations. For a map with our booth highlighted, click here, search for "Physicians for Social Responsibility", and click on our booth number, 6096.

The following sessions include PSR board or staff members:

Saturday, October 29 - 9:00 am
Effectively Communicating the Human Health Implications of Climate Change: A Skills-Development Workshop
PSR National board member Dr. Ed Maibach will be leading this workshop.

Sunday, October 30 - 2:30 pm
In Honor of Jack Geiger
This session will honor the work of Dr. Jack Geiger, who has devoted his life to protection and promotion of health through combating poverty and racism, protecting human rights, and preventing war. Dr. Geiger is a founding member and past president of PSR.

Monday, October 31 - 10:30 pm
International Environmental Health Issues
Dr. Richard Grady, Dr. Steven Gilbert, Gerri Haynes, and Kara Mochan of Washington PSR discuss the environmental impacts of war in Gaza.

Monday, October 31 - 12:30 pm
War, Terrorism and Public Health
This session will feature PSR founders Dr. Victor W. Sidel and Dr. Bernard Lown, as well as PSR National board member Dr. Robert Gould.

Monday, October 31 - 4:30 pm
War and Social Injustice: The Impact of Armed Conflicts on Communities
PSR co-founder and national board member Dr. Victor W. Sidel will speak on the effects of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tuesday, November 1 - 12:30 pm
In the Wake of Fukushima, Is Nuclear Energy Healthy for Communities?
PSR National board members Drs. Robert Gould and Andrew S. Kanter will present on the public health impacts of nuclear power.

Tuesday, November 1 - 4:30 pm
Advancing APHA’s 2009 Policy “The Role of Public Health Practitioners, Academics, and Advocates in Relation to Armed Conflict and War”
PSR National board member Dr. Robert Gould and PSR Security Program Manager Ashish Sinha will participate in this roundtable discussion.

Tuesday, November 1 - 4:30 pm
Effective Planning and Policy Development Towards Improving Mind, Body and Community Health
Former PSR Environment & Health Director Kristen Welker-Hood will discuss PSR's Safe and Healthy Children program.

Wednesday, November 2 - 12:30 pm
Health and Human Rights in the Middle East: The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations
Dr. Richard Grady, Gerri Haynes, Dr. Steven Gilbert, Dr. Laura Hart of Washington PSR discuss the environmental impacts of war in Gaza.

Wednesday, November 2 - 12:30 pm
Science to support decision-making: Research, tools, and programs for communities and policy makers
San Francisco Bay Area PSR Director Dr. Marj Plumb will present on public policy and reproductive health.

In addition to the sessions above, the Peace Caucus and Environmental Section schedules include many sessions of interest to PSR members.

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