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Make a difference in the challenge to confront global warming and prevent nuclear war and the development and use of nuclear weapons.

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The PBS Documentary Command and Control illustrated the risks of maintaining nuclear arsenals. We need your help to stop a whole new nuclear arms race.

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December 2016: Pruitt disastrous choice to lead EPA

November 2016: Moving Forward

October 2016: Health Professionals plan message to President-elect

September 2016: Climate Change Speaking Tour

August 2016: Hiroshima - Nagasaki Never Again!

July 2016: PSR Monitor & Upcoming Events

June 2016: Stop the "Smoggy Skies Act"

May 2016: PSR Calls for Ban on Fracking

April 2016: "Don't Bank on the Bomb" scores its first big U.S. victory

March 2016: 5 Years Living with Fukushima

February 2016: PSR Defends Clean Power Plan

January 2016: North Korea's Nuclear Test: A Wake-Up Call to End the Madness


December 2015: PSR tells EPA: Slash methane leakage!

November 2015: PSR shares in big win on Keystone XL Pipeline

October 2015: PSR Op-Ed in the New England Journal of Medicine

September 2015: Iran Deal Verdict

August 2015: Don't Miss This!

July 2015: PSR Celebrates the Iran Deal

June 2015: Lancet Climate Report Release and Much MORE!

May 2015: Save the Date for the Climate Health Summit!

April 2015: Questions on Iran? We've Got Answers.

March 2015: Tornado Warning for Iran Deal

February 2015: Nukes Cost HOW Much?

January 2015: The Need for Renewables


December 2014: Vienna Nuclear Conference Signals a Turning Point

November 2014: Time to Get Toxic Coal Ash Under Control

October 2014: Building Solidarity to Ban Nuclear Weapons

September 2014: PSR on the March!

August 2014: The Coal Ash Threat

July 2014: Hiroshima Never Again

June 2014: Building Main Street Support for Disarmament

May 2014: New Handouts on Climate and Health

April 2014: Toxic Chemicals and Pregnancy

March 2014: PSR Members Demand Real Chemical Reform

February 2014: PSR Tells the EPA: Climate Change Kills

January 2014: Protecting Our Most Vulnerable


December 2013: Give Now and Your Gift Will Be Doubled

November 2013: State Innovation: The Biggest Loser in Toxics Fight

October 2013: Learning the Lessons of Fukushima

September 2013: PSR Briefs Senate on Health Impacts of Chemicals

August 2013: Major Talks on Nuclear Disarmament Set for September UN Meeting

July 2013: PSR Doctor Launches Climate Bike Tour

June 2013: President Obama Makes Case for Further Nuclear Weapon Reductions

May 2013: PSR Addresses Bank of America on Climate Change

April 2013: PSR Pressures Retailers to Reveal Toxic Chemicals

March 2013: Climate Change Threatens World Food Supply

February 2013: Nuclear Test Puts Spotlight on Abolition

January 2013: Forward on Climate!


December 2012: Maryland Hosts Fracking Conference

November 2012: The Fiscal Cliff and Wasteful Nuclear Weapons Spending

October 2012: Chesapeake PSR Promotes Off-Shore Wind, Tackles Fracking

September 2012: Health Voices for Clean Air

August 2012: Follow PSR As We Travel to Japan!

July 2012: PSR Opposes World Bank Funding of Kosovo Coal Plant

June 2012: US Court of Appeals Throws Out NRC Nuclear Waste Storage Plan

May 2012: Congress Takes a Step in the Wrong Direction with Defense Bill

April 2012: Nuclear Famine Report Released at Nobel Peace Laureates Meeting

March 2012: Call for safe coal ash disposal now!

February 2012: PSR Leaders Testify for Wind Power in Maryland

January 2012: PSR to sue EPA over Coal Ash Rules


December 2011: Debate Flares Again Over Keystone Pipeline

November 2011: Catherine Thomasson, MD Named New Executive Director

October 2011: PSR at APHA

September 2011: Proposed Canadian Pipeline Creates Risks to Health, Environment

August 2011: Remembering Sen. Mark Hatfield

July 2011: PSR Tells NRC That Reprocessing Regulations Are Premature

June 2011: Protecting Children from Environmental Health Threats

May 2011: 50 States United for Healthy Air

April 2011: Rx for Survival Conference a Success

March 2011: Nuclear Crisis in Japan

February 2011: Protect Funding for Essential Nuclear Nonproliferation Programs

January 2011: Registration Is Now Open for the 2011 Rx for Survival Conference


December 2010: 2010 - A Year of Success

November 2010: The Obama Administration to push for New START Treaty during lame-duck session of Congress

October 2010: Is There a Nuclear Revival in the United States?

September 2010: PSR Launches Environmental Health Policy Institute

August 2010: Countdown to Zero

June 2010: Join the growing movement to ratify New START 

May 2010: Safe Chemicals Act Introduced, Proposed EPA Rules on Coal Ash

April 2010: Fighting Massive Nuclear Subsidies

March 2010: Vermont Nuclear Reactor Threatens Health, PSR Testifies Before EPA

January 2010: Seizing the Moment


December 2009: Raising Awareness on Coal and the Nuclear Threat

November 2009: PSR Activists Speak Out on Nuclear Issues

September 2009: PSR Articulates Health Objectives for U.S. Climate Legislation

August 2009: No More Hiroshimas

July 2009: Reestablishing U.S. Leadership on Nuclear Nonproliferation

June 2009: PSR Leaders Testify at EPA Hearings on Health Impacts of Global Warming

April 2009: Health Threat Evident, U.S. Must Address Global Warming to Protect the Public

March 2009: SPSR Secures Big Names for National Conference

February 2009: PSR Applauds Green Energy in Stimulus Package

January 2009: PSR's Executive Director Visits with President Obama


December 2008: Building Opposition to Coal

November 2008: Two Bigs Wins Against Coal

October 2008: Questions Remain as Bush Signs US-India Nuclear Deal

August 2008: PSR Urges Call to Action on Global Warming

July 2008: RRW’s Get $0 in House, Senate Budgets

June 2008: Dr. Michael McCally Joins Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) for Introduction of New Climate Change Bill

May 2008: PSR: Keeping Kids Safe

April 2008: PSR Promotes Peace and Security in Congress

March 2008: PSR Doctors Oppose New Nuclear Weapons

January 2008: PSR Activists Make a Difference


December 2007: Mobilizing Physicians Against War in Iran

November 2007: Iraq war veteran's care to cost more than $650 billion

October 2007: Global Warming Takes Center Stage on Capitol Hill

September 2007: Senators Lieberman and Warner Craft Climate Legislation

August 2007: Global Warming Action Heats Up

July 2007: Tell EPA to Set a Stronger Ozone Pollution Standard

June 2007: Breaking News

May 2007: Tell Congress to Eliminate Funding for New Nuclear Weapons

April 2007: Supreme Court Rules on Global Warming

March 2007: PSR President Visits Iran

February 2007: PSR Urges Diplomacy with Iran

January 2007: PSR Responds to the President’s State of the Union Address


December 2006: Year in Review

November 2006: Stop another “war for disarmament” before it begins

October 2006: Health Effects of Global Warming


In the Spotlight

  • November 30, 2016
    Eating for Climate and Health
    PSR's new PowerPoint presentation on how climate change impacts food production, and agriculture's contribution to climate change.