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Hiroshima-Nagasaki 70th Anniversary Media Wave

August 14, 2015

National Publication Op-Ed

State and local publications








  • Lynn Ringenberg, Lexington Clipper-Herald, Aug 8  page 4 (print only)

New York

North Carolina



Rhode Island


Letter to the Editor



New York


Submitted op-eds, not yet printed

  • Karen d’Andrea, Bangor Daily News
  • David Hall, Everett Herald
  • Sarah Lovinger, Chicago Tribune
  • Martin Fleck, Truthout
  • Rick Graap, Arizona Daily Star

News Content, International Level PSR interviews, Mentions, Shoutouts

  • Al Jazeera English (London) interview with Martin Fleck, August 6
  • NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation interview with Martin Fleck, August 8
  • PSR LA Hiroshima Event

News Content, National Level PSR Interviews, Mentions, Shoutouts

News Content, Local Level PSR Interviews, Mentions, Shoutouts



  • Sarah Lazare, eNews Park Forest--quotes Ann Suellentrop August 6


  • Maureen, McCue, Des Moines Radio Station August 3


  • Ann Suellentrop and Lynn Ringenberg, KKFI 90.1 Community Radio (RadioActive Magazine with host Mike Nickells) August 4


  • Barrie Barber, Dayton Daily News--quotes Martin Fleck, PSR position


  • Melissa Binder, The Oregonian--talks about artist partnering with PSR for commemoration August 6

  • Rudi Keller, Columbia Daily Tribune--discusses and quotes Steven Starr August 6


  • Deb Kiner, Patriot News--notes Dr. John Reuwer speaking at the “Candles on the Water” ceremony

  • Michael Caroll, The Art Blog (Philadelphia)--review of collaborative art show between Casa de Duende and PSR, with lecture by Ira Helfand


Noteworthy Hiro 70th anniv hits from the universe outside of PSR

Richard Norton Taylor, The Guardian UK  July 23

Justin McCurry, The Guardian UK  July 31

Eric Schlosser, The Telegraph  Aug 2

Joyce Olum Galaski, Huffington Post  Aug 2

Kirk Spitzer, USA Today (about hibakusha) Aug 2

McCord Pagan, Knoxville News Sentinel Aug 3

Mohammed Bedjaoui (form president of the International Court of Justice), The Asahi Shimbun Aug 3

Joe Cirincione, Al Jazeera America   Aug 4

Loreta Castro, (anniversary as call for ban on nuclear weapons) Aug 4

Jon Rainwater, Contra Costa Times Aug 4

NBC News, August 5 Story Hiroshima 70th Anniversary: Nuclear Bomb 'Should Never Be Used Again' on Dr. James Yamazaki  

Newsday Editorial Board, Aug 5

Gar Alperovitz op-ed, The Nation Aug 6

Mayor Matsui Kazumi Hiroshima Peace Declaration, August 6

Peter Ferenbach Re-Think Audio Op-Ed on KQED Radio Aug 6

Don MacLeod, Interactive Hiroshima-bomb Map Aug 6

Jeffrey Lewis, Foreign Policy Aug 6

Serge Schmemann op-ed, NY Times August 7

Susan Southard op-ed, NY Times August 7  Nagasaki, the forgotten city

Susan Southard, another op-ed, LA Times, August 7 What U.S. citizens weren't told about the atomic bombing of Japan 

Fernanda Santos on Los Alamos peace activist demonstration, NY Times August 7

Elliot Negin, Huffington Post Aug 7

Scott Beauchamp, Al Jazeera America Aug 8

Greg Boertje-Obed, Megan Rice, Michael Walli Al Jazeera America Aug 9

Susan Southard, Politico Magazine Aug 9

CBS News Remembering Hiroshima 70 Years Later August 9

Japan Times, full text of Mayor Taue’s Nagasaki Peace Declaration Aug 9

Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Times Before and after of Nagasaki August 9

Eugene Hoshiko, The Washington Post August 9

Voice of America News Aug 9

Thomas L Knapp, Providence Journal Aug 10

Gwynne Dyer, Bangor Daily News Aug 10

Tom Fox, National Catholic Reporter Aug 10

Zack Beauchamp, Vox Aug 10

Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service Aug 10

Kyodo, The Japan Times Aug 10