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New Bill Threatens Crucial Iran Nuclear Deal

January 7, 2014

On November 24, 2013: negotiators for the United States, Russia, Great Britain, France, China plus Germany (P5 + 1) completed a “first-phase” deal with Iran that limits Iran’s nuclear bomb-making potential and opens up Iranian facilities to international inspection. The parties also agreed to negotiate a more comprehensive arrangement in the next six months.   As part of the deal, the P5+1 promised no new sanctions against Iran while negotiations are underway. 

Within Iran, moderate President Hassan Rouhani must ward off hardliners who would risk war to keep the nuclear program going.  And in the US, President Obama is holding the line against withering criticism.

Yet, many US Senators, led by Sen. Bob  Menendez of New Jersey,  have signed on to legislation that threatens new sanctions, and in so doing, threatens to undermine the agreement.

Please contact your Senators and urge them to support our diplomats in this very difficult but crucially important negotiation.    You can help prevent a nuclear-armed Iranian AND another Mideast war.

Urge your Senators to vote "no" on Senate Bill 1881, calling for new sanctions on Iran.

For more information:

Letter to Harry Reid from 10 Senate Committee Chairs

Letter to Sen. Menendez from 9 foreign policy experts

The Dangers of New Iran Sanctions, by Colin Kahl in The National Interest

A thorough analysis of the “first phase” deal on Iran, from the Arms Control Association     

The last thing the world needs is Congress thwarting historic US-Iran nuclear deal, by Kate Gould and Lawrence Wilkerson in The Guardian

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