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Northern California Welcomes Dr. Vic Sidel

October 19, 2011

Victor Sidel, MD, Distinguished University Professor of Social Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine spoke on "PSR: Fifty Years of Concern for the Devastating Health Consequences of War" at the 8th Annual Physicians for Social Responsibility/Sacramento Dinner on October 2, 2011 at California State University, Sacramento Alumni Center. Dr. Sidel inspired the 170 people who attended the event as he spoke about the health effects of war, his work for nuclear disarmament, and the 50-year history of Physicians of Social Responsibility. He encouraged everyone to continue their work for peace and justice. The evening also featured wonderful music by George Conner, Suzan Tobin, Chris Tomine, and Gary Yee; presentation of her 1st place essay by Shannan Takhar, with introduction by Vice President and Scholarship Chair Dr. Bill Durston; and a chapter update by President Dr. Harry Wang.

On October 3, Dr. Sidel was interviewed by Jeffrey Callison during the Capital Public Radio Insight program. Hear the interview which begins 14:24 minutes into the interview show.

On October 3, at 1 pm, Dr. Sidel gave a special seminar on the Davis campus for Public Health Sciences students and faculty on "War and Public Health: The Human, Ecological, and Economic Costs of Armed Conflict" at the invitation of Ellen Gold, PhD, Chair, UC Davis Department of Public Health Sciences. Hear his presentation, courtesy of James Carey, PhD.

On October 3, at 5 pm, Dr. Sidel spoke to UC Davis Health Systems faculty, medical and nursing students on "War and Public Health: The Role of Medical Students in Working for Peace" An enthusiastic introduction was given by Dr. Claire Pomeroy, CEO of UC Davis Health System, UC Davis Vice Chancellor for Human Health Sciences, and Dean of the School of Medicine. Dr. Pomeroy hosted a reception following the presentation and invited Victor and Ruth Sidel, Robert Gould, and Harry Wang for dinner.


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