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PSR’s Safe Energy Presents at Netroots Nation

June 21, 2011

Michele Boyd represented PSR at Netroots Nation in Minneapolis on Friday, June 17.  She presented along with others in a panel discussion called Dirty Energy: The Fight against Coal, Oil, Natural Gas and Nuclear Power, where she talked about the dismal economics of new nuclear reactors, why nuclear is not a solution to climate change, and the repercussions of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear crisis on nuclear power in the United States.

The panel discussion was followed by Q&A where bloggers and activists were eager to get the panelists perspectives on dirty energy issues.  When asked what bloggers and activists can do to oppose nuclear power, Michele urged them to tell President Obama and their elected officials that nuclear is not “clean” and US taxpayers should not subsidize a new generation of reactors. She urged progressive bloggers to blog on nuclear power issues and to raise these topics in the 2012 elections.

When asked if nuclear reactors are part of a solution to climate change, Michele elaborated on the fundamental flaws of nuclear reactors, saying that “no country has solved the cost, radioactive waste, safety, security and proliferation problems of nuclear power.”  She concluded that if the US were to pursue new reactors as a climate solution, we would be paying too much, creating even more nuclear waste with nowhere to go, increasing our national security and public health threats and undermining US non-proliferation goals.

In dealing with the effects of the Fukushima disaster on US reactors, Michele said that it has had a powerful effect on US public opinion and has increased media interest in nuclear issues, but the Administration and most members of Congress and are “in a bubble – acting as if Fukushima never happened.”  Since the Fukushima crisis began on March 11, President Obama and members of Congress have continued to support new reactors in the US, with President Obama reiterating his request for an additional $36 billion in nuclear loan guarantees in his FY2012 budget.   Meanwhile, the economics of new reactors have become even more complicated and risky given the myriad of safety issues raised by the Fukushima disaster.

Watch the panel discussion here:

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