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Hurriquake Week and Nuclear Reactors

Posted by Morgan Pinnell on August 26, 2011

Hurriquake Week and Nuclear Reactors

Just days after an earthquake that shook from Toronto to South Carolina, we are once again gearing up for a dangerous scenario.  The earthquake caused ‘unusual events’ at a dozen reactors along the East Coast, demonstrating, particularly in the wake of the Fukushima disaster earlier this year that more emergency preparedness is desperately needed at reactor sites.  This upcoming weekend, the East Coast is expecting a Category 3 hurricane, Irene, which poses yet another threat to the reactor safety.    Utilities are gearing up for a potential loss of offsite power, which more than the earthquake or subsequent tsunami was the cause of the disaster at Fukushima.  Also of concern is the potential for flooding, like the floods that threatened Fort Calhoun and Cooper nuclear stations in Nebraska earlier this summer.    With all of these incidents showing the innate vulnerability of nuclear reactors to weather and seismic issues, does anyone else get the feeling that having all this nuclear technology around is flirting with disaster? Even if we haven’t had a Fukushima-like disaster---that’s merely a matter of luck at this point. The risks to public health, the economy and our environment from nuclear power far outweigh the benefits. 

Potentially Affected Nuclear Stations




North Carolina

Brunswick Unit 1


Brunswick Unit 2


Surry Unit 1


Surry Unit 2


North Anna Unit 1


North Anna Unit 2


Calvert Cliffs Unit 1


Calvert Cliffs Unit 2


Limerick Unit 1


Limerick Unit 2

New Jersey

Oyster Creek


Salem Unit 1


Salem Unit 2

New York

Indian Point Unit 2


Indian Point Unit 3


Millstone Unit 2


Millstone Unit 3



New Hampshire






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