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Economics of New Nuclear Reactors: A briefing book for members of the 112th Congress



Table of Contents

Section One: New Reactors are Expensive and Risky

      An Analysis of Market Forces That Make Nuclear Reactors Risky Investments (Mark Cooper, Institute for Energy and the
                  Environment, Vermont Law School)

 The High and Hidden Costs of Nuclear Power (Henry Sokolski, Non-Proliferation Policy Education Center, Policy Review, August/September 2010)

Executive Summary of The Economics of Nuclear Reactors: Renaissance or Relapse? (Mark Cooper, Institute for Energy and the Environment, Vermont Law School)

Financial Analysts Downgrade Nuclear Power in the Wake of Japan Crisis (Compilation of quotes from various sources, 3/15/2011)

Nuclear Power in the Dock (Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Dorn, Forbes, 4/5/2011)

Section Two: Troubled New Reactor Projects

Federal Loan Guarantees for New Reactors: Details of the Current Applicants (Taxpayers for Common Sense)

The Renaissance That Wasn't: A Review of Major Design Problems, Delays, Cost Escalations and Other Negative Financial Indicators in Nuclear Construction since 2008 (Physicians for Social Responsibility)

US Pushes But Reactors Are Lagging (New York Times, 2/1/2011)

Calvert Cliffs 3 Makes No Economic Sense (Op-Ed, The Baltimore Sun, 3/9/2011)

NRG Abandons Project for 2 Reactors in Texas (New York Times, 4/19/2011)

Section Three: Subsidies for Nuclear Power

Wall Street Journal Poll: Most Popular Spending Cut is Subsidies for Nuclear Reactors (Grist,  3/4/2011) with section from Wall Street Journal/NBC Poll

Existing Subsidies and Incentives for New Nuclear Reactors (Physicians for Social Responsibility)

Nuclear Power: Still Not Viable Without Subsidies (Union of Concerned Scientists)

Department of Energy: Loan Guarantee Program Overview (Taxpayers for Common Sense) 

Taxpayer Risks with the Loan Guarantee Program (Taxpayers for Common Sense)

Budget Watchdogs See Folly in US Loan Guarantee for Nuclear Power (Christian Science Monitor, 2/16/2010)

Nuclear Socialism: Energy Subsidies of Any Kind Are Bad for Business (Amory Lovins, The Weekly Standard, 10/25/2010)

Exelon CEO: No New Laws Needed to Shift to Cleaner Energy (Dow Jones Newswires, 3/8/2011)

Section Four: The French Nuclear Program

Executive Summary of EPR In Crisis (Dr. Stephen Thomas, Public Services International Research Unit, University of Greenwich's School of Business)

Jumbo Problem Hits France's Grand Nuclear Ambitions (Financial Times, 11/4/2009)

Team France in Disarray (The Economist, 12/2/2010)

Jinxed Plant Slows a Nuclear Rebirth (Wall Street Journal, 12/1/2010)

New Warnings About Cost of Nuclear Power (New York Times, 8/31/2010)

Executive Summary of Policy Challenges of Nuclear Reactor Construction: Cost Escalation and Crowding Out (Mark Cooper, Institute for Energy and the Environment, Vermont Law School)