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Oregon PSR
Fights Columbia Generating Station Nuclear Power Plant
CGS is a 31 year old reactor, of a similar design to those which exploded in Fukushima, Japan.


  • Summary of Oregon PSR’s concerns about the CGS and how to get involved
  • Additional News Release

New York PSR
Supports the New York City Council Resolution to shut down the Indian Point nuclear reactors and opposes efforts by Constellation Energy to make ratepayers pay subsidies that allow the Ginna Nuclear Operator to keep running.

The Myth of the French Model
Nuclear Power in France: Setting the Record Straight
Beyond Nuclear
A fact sheet on the misperceptions and realities of nuclear power in France.

France’s Nuclear Conundrum: Atomic World Champ on the Ropes
Spiegel International (August 11, 2008)
A discussion of recent nuclear accidents at Tricastin in France and their effect on French public opinion.

Nuclear Power in France: Beyond the Myth
The Greens, European Free Alliance (December, 2008)
A deep analysis of the realities of nuclear power production in France, with reference to energy independence, costs, proliferation, and waste.

Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing in France
International Panel on Fissile Materials (April, 2008).
A discussion of the economic, environmental, societal and political repercussions of the spent fuel reprocessing policy in France.

IEER Translation of the Roussely Report
August 2010
A translation of the scathing report issued by former French government official, Francois Roussely, on EDF, the fissures in the French nuclear industry and the dismal prospects for the EPR reactor design.

France’s Nuclear Failures: The Great Illusion of Nuclear Energy
Greenpeace International (November 2008)
An investigative report on the problems of waste disposal, transparency, and economics in relation to the nuclear administration in France.

Nuclear Information in France – As Transparent as Mud
International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation (April, 2008)
A citation of the extreme control and secrecy governing civilian nuclear power in France.

Nuclear Bailout
A project of the Safe Energy Program at Physicians for Social Responsibility, addressing the economic and safety realities of the development of new nuclear reactors.

South Texas Project: Timeline of a Project in Crisis
Feb, 2010
How does a 'model nuclear project' go from done deal to dead-on-arrival?  This timeline explores how the South Texas project, once hailed as a leader in the 'nuclear renaissance,' was injured by skyrocketing costs, secrets, and scandal.

Nuclear Power’s Toxic Assets: A Wall Street View
Beyond Nuclear (February, 2007)
Notes from Wall Street’s view of the insurmountable financial risks associated with investing in nuclear power.

Page Updated November 13, 2015


In the Spotlight

  • April 28, 2018
    2018 Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship Awards Ceremony
    Join Oregon PSR to celebrate the high school student winners of this year's scholarship. Featuring keynote speaker Marshallese anti-nuclear and climate activist and poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner. April 28 at 6 pm in Portland, Oregon.