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Make a difference in the challenge to confront global warming and prevent nuclear war and the development and use of nuclear weapons.

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Tell your representative you want health-protective chemical reform -- not reform that places industry costs over your health and safety!

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We need your input and involvement as we move forward during one of the most exciting periods for work on nuclear arms control. With an international community and US admininstration that has grown weary of nuclear weapons; we have an unique opportunity to move our world towards a path of nuclear disarmament and abolition. As with every great challenge, it will require the hard work of all of us to make sure that we make our voice heard. In the past, as when the Berlin Wall fell, we have missed great moments of opportunity and we, at PSR, are committed to making sure we sieze this moment. 

In many of the sections, you will see an "Activist Corner" that will describe ways that you can support our work in that area. Most critically, however, we would like you and others in your community to become a PSR Activist. As we do speaker tours, visits with Senators in your area, and hopefully ask you to build local action teams - our success will hinge on the number of people like yourself who are willing to put aside some time to help our world stay secure from the threat of nuclear weapons.

Be involved! 

1. Become a CTBT/START Activist today!

2. Participate in our grassroots work by: contacting your local state or student chapter, recruiting your friends and neighbors to become a PSR member, and submitting your ideas to

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