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APHA 2011 Commences!

Posted by Ashish Sinha on October 31, 2011

Yesterday was my first day at the 2011 American Public Health Association (APHA) Conference. This conference hosts over 12,000 public health professionals and is always a bit overwhelming at first. After I picked up my materials, I joined April Avant and Mary Kerwin to set-up our table at the APHA Exposition. The hall is massive. There are hundreds of groups tabling at APHA and range from Universities, the National Institute for Health, companies selling medical equipment, to a lone advocacy group called PSR at booth #6096. It's always interesting to see who the neighbors are. Last year, we were next to the LGBT APHA Caucus table who were fun and helped cover our table when I left to forage for food. This year, our neighbors are mostly Universities which is great because we get to talk to more students than normal!

The first day at the conference went without any serious disasters. PSR's reputation is still intact and, the chocolates that Molly Rauch had us order for our booth, are a big hit with APHA attendees. They also provide me with a constant test of willpower which... builds character.

I am looking forward to another day at APHA 2011!


Andrew Kanter said ..

I just wanted to commend all the PSR members and staff who participated throughout the APHA meeting. There was great discussions in the sessions, great presentations and roundtables, and the Fukushima panel was picked up in the APHA blog. Let's be sure to follow-up with people who share our values and who we can work alongside with to protect the public health, and build a safe, sustainable home for future generations!

November 5, 2011

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