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'Don't Bank on the Bomb' has come ashore to the United States, and you have the power to use it!

Posted by Federico Saleri on August 5, 2016

Born, developed and efficiently exploited in Europe, 'Don't Bank on the Bomb' has also achieved a great success in Massachusetts a few months ago. But what is Don't Bank on the Bomb and why is PSR talking about it?

First of all, it is pretty clear that PSR doesn't like nukes. What PSR likes even less is when our own money is used to build nukes. As taxpayers in a nuclear armed nation, we may think that using tax money for nuclear weapons instead of investing them somewhere else is hard to swallow. 

And then Susi Snyder from PAX in Holland (an ICAN affiliate) publishes a report on the financing of nuclear weapons and we discover that our own savings are also used to build nuclear weapons. We are passively contributing to the annihilation of the human race, and that IS enough.

This "Don't Bank on the Bomb" making the rounds in western Europe is something that can help us limit this new 'private' arm race. 

Born as the aforementioned report on the financing of nuclear weapons, "Don't Bank on the Bomb" developed the tools to get in touch with our banks and to send a petition requesting that our money should not be invested in nuclear weapons producers. It's simple, straightforward and, as success stories show, effective. And it is there to be used.

Is it easy to achieve the final result of a bank entirely divesting from these companies? No, but it's not impossible, and, to be fair, not that difficult. 

It starts from you, account holders that are reading this post, to visit the Don't Bank on the Bomb website, find your bank in the alphabetical list, feeling bad looking at how much that institution is investing in nuclear weapons, put your name and email address next to the petition, and click on send. 

If you want to be more specific you can customize the petition, and be reassured that you are not signing up for anything: you are 'just' notifying your bank that you disagree with their policies and you want it to change them. Is it enough to achieve the end result? No. But someone at the receiving end of your message is going to be surprised. 

Now think about it: you just did something great. You can be the positive example for when you recommend Don't Bank on the Bomb to someone else. You never know: maybe that someone else knows someone else who can write a newspaper article about it, or has a million dollar portfolio, and it creates a domino effect that will lead that bank to change their policy. 

It sounds very hypothetical but it's not. Ask Swedbank in Sweden. Or have a look at the other 'Hall of Famers' (those institutions who entirely divested from nuclear weapons producers) at

The good news is: it's not happening only in Europe. The City Council of Cambridge, Massachusetts voted to divest its  entire $1 billion pension fund. ONE BILLION. Credit goes to Massachusetts Peace Action and the Future of Life Institute for creating the environment and acting wisely to convince Mayor Denise Simmons. I am sure it was not easy, but it's ONE BILLION dollars that is not flowing into nuclear weapons producers' pockets. Susi Snyder said "no one can do everything, but everyone can do something". So do something! Talk to your friends, talk to your bank and talk to your mayor, because this one little thing may lead to a divestment of $1 billion from nuclear weapons to something much more worthy.

Please look over the 2 page handout and the 5 page report. For more information, see


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