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Horrible News from Iran

Posted by Jill Marie Parillo on June 16, 2009

Iran’s reformist supporters of Presidential Candidate Mousavi took to the streets and were pushed back by Iranian police June 13 (picture from TMP). Seven people were killed. This is getting really sad and extremely frustrating.


The Guardian Council made up of leading clerics must certify if an election is valid. They have never annulled an election. The Iranian government is saying that a re-count of the votes will take place, but at the same time has begun to arrest senior reformist figures.  Reformist supporters do not think that the Council is looking at this fairly, since they are supporters of Ahmadinejad, the proclaimed conservative winner of the election.


The Supreme Leader, who appoints more than half of the Guardian Council, is in a tough position. He can allow violence to continue or annul the election and call for a re-run. It is difficult for him because he supports the results.     


The worse part about all of this is that it may not be the end of the violence. Monday June 15 at 4pm Ahmadinejad’s supporters are meeting for a rally, and at 5pm Mousavi’s are.  


Update: Crowds shown from Tuesday's rally are not just for Ahmadinejad. Mousavi told his supporters to stay home in fear of violence, and the government tried to shut them down, but reformist supporters online (Twitter) said, “The march in Tehran is still on. Any rumours that you hear are all propaganda from the government to make you stay away from the rally. Come to the rally at 4 and march for your freedom!”  On Wednesday supporters of Mousavi took to the streets again (shown in picture here), and South of Tehran Thursday June 18 there will be another huge peacful protest.




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