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Four international health federations to UN: "Ban and eliminate nuclear weapons."

Posted by Martin Fleck on May 2, 2016

IPPNW and three allied international federations—together representing over 15 million health professionals--delivered a joint statement on May 2 to a UN Working Group, citing the medical and scientific evidence about the consequences of nuclear weapons and urging international action to prohibit and eliminate them as "the only course of action commensurate with the existential danger they pose." The joint statement, "The health and humanitarian case for banning and eliminating nuclear weapons" was delivered to the United Nations Open Ended Working Group (OEWG), meeting in Geneva. The OEWG was established by the United Nations 1st Committee to pursue effective measures for nuclear disarmament. The four federations are International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, the World Medical Association, the World Federation of Public Health Associations, and the International Council of Nurses. Read more about this story or download the statement as an 8-page pdf.


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