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How would you like your taxes spent?

Posted by Martin Fleck on April 11, 2014

The federal budget for Fiscal Year 2014 includes approximately $57 billion for nuclear weapons. Tax Day is a "teachable moment" to call attention to this spending. PSR member Robert Dodge, MD, has created Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions, where you can calculate the cost to your community of nuclear weapons spending. Research per capita income in your community at the Census bureau quick facts website, then visit the website for Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions to determine the tax burden of nuclear weapons locally. Write to your local paper with these statistics.

For more information on the Global Day of Action on Military Spending, including a list of 25 tax day events in the United States, click here. For GDAMS organizing materials and tips, visit Peace Action.

Read the Common Dreams op-ed published April 11, by PSR Security Committee member Robert Dodge, MD: Budgets as Moral Documents: Nuclear Weapons and the Fate of Life as We Know It.

Live among conservatives? Then here is a relevant quote from 61 years ago:

"What world can afford this sort of thing for long? We are in an armaments race. Where will it lead us? At worst to atomic warfare. At best, to robbing every people and nation on earth of the fruits of their own toil.   Now, there could be another road before us—the road of disarmament. What does this mean? It means for everybody in the world: bread, butter, clothes, homes, hospitals, schools—all the good and necessary things for decent living.”

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, comments to his speechwriter, Emmet Hughes, March 1953, quoted in Robert Schlesinger, White House Ghosts: Presidents and Their Speechwriters.

This conversation was the genesis of Eisenhower’s famous "Every Gun That is Made" speech. And the world can no better afford and armaments race now than we could in 1953!

What to do? Where to start? SANE ACT Legislation to save taxpayers $100 billion over the next decade 

These related bills would:  

  • Reduce deployed strategic submarines from 14 to 8 and reduce the purchase of replacement submarines from 12 to 8 – saving $16 billion
  • Cut warhead life extension programs and defer the development of new ICBMs – saving $15 billion.
  • Remove the nuclear mission from F-35s and delay the new long range bomber – saving over $32 billion.
  • Cancel nuclear weapon making facilities and missile defense programs – saving $37 billion.

For a lot of detail on nuclear weapons spending in the President’s proposed Fiscal Year 2015 budget, refer to this fact sheet by Kingston Reif, Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation.


Kristofer Young, DC said ..

This is sane! Thank you!

April 13, 2014

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