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NPT May 4, 2009

Posted by Jill Marie Parillo on May 4, 2009

Amazing, with every state mentioning it as they make statements in 5 different languages, the theme of the PrepCom seems to be a "nuclear weapon free world." This is a positive start for the first day of the two week conference that will establish an agenda for the five year NPT review conference to be held in 2010.

That is not to say that everyone is in complete agreement on how, and when, to realize this vision. Debates between Iran and the West are already in full swing and threaten the success of the conference. Five minute general statements were made at the opening day of the NPT preparatory committee conference May 4. Here are a few summarizes

Kazakhstan- We support the establishment of nuclear weapon free zones (NWFZs). The establishment of the NWFZs is an integral part of nuclear disarmament and nuclear weapon free world. "Only by joint efforts will we be able to make our world safer."

South Africa- When state parties joined the NPT, they made commitments. The nuclear weapon states have the primary obligation to nuclear disarmament. Now, with recent official statement from the nuclear weapon states, we have some hope.

"The vision of the zero option provides hope towards a safer world." As nuclear weapon states prove to non-nuclear weapon states that they will fulfill their commitments under the NPT to nuclear disarmament, ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and the negotiation of a Fissile Material Cut Off Treaty (FMCT) will add to our confidence that the nuclear weapon states are committed to fulfilling obligations under NPT's article VI.

Malaysia- Hiroshima and Nagasaki demonstrated the destructive capability of nuclear weapons. "NPT parties should work to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons."

Especially since the destructive power of nuclear arsenals today, are much greater than they were at the time of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The vision of a world free of nuclear weapons is not a utopian dream"

We are encouraged by President Obama's speech in Prague and we hope that a change in U.S. policy can reinvigorate discussion on nuclear policy and disarmament.

United Kingdom- We need to build a global coalition around the vision of a world free of nuclear weapons. The UK has set out its vision of a world free of nuclear weapons. We also welcome leadership of U.S. on this.

[Speaking of Iran's case] To create conditions for success for the 2010 NPT Review Conference, all states must comply with their nuclear nonproliferation obligations, especially when these have been reinforced by UN Security Council Resolutions.

Iran- Many States [like the United States] are continuing an "unbalanced and discriminatory approach." These states are not fulfilling their nuclear disarmament commitments. "By maintaining and upgrading their arsenals, these nuclear weapon states are contributing to new nuclear weapon holders."

Not fulfilling nuclear disarmament commitments "undermines the credibility of the treaty." Allowing for nuclear trade with countries outside the NPT [India] "has damaged NPT regime."

We express concern, especially with the statement made by the European Union about Iran and our nuclear program. "Our nuclear program is under safeguards. Such attitudes and approaches, shall undoubtedly jeopardize the NPT.


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