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Cut the Nuclear Weapons Budget -- Yes YOU!

Posted by Catherine Thomasson, MD on February 7, 2012

New to the world of Washington, DC, I can see that much of the action is outside the Beltway even with the budget debate coming up in the Halls of Congress.  That means YOU are the most important people.  I attended the two day retreat for the Peace and Security Legislative Strategy with heads of amazing groups around country.  Experts such as Daryl Kimball-head of Arms Control Association, David Culp of Friends Committee on National Legislation, Joel Rubin of Ploughshares and many others who are strategizing about the potential for cutting the nuclear arms and military budgets to better address real security of education, economy and health.

Why are you important here in DC?  Because legislators are most swayed by their local constituents.   Your neighbors and Congress people need to hear from you in the newspaper as well in person and through the mail.  Now that I’m in DC, I am not their constituent.  You are local.  The New START treaty passed because key legislators heard from people like you.  Likewise the nuclear budget won’t get cut without you.  In fact the entire military budget appears to be a sacred cow that in fact makes us less secure because we are not substantially funding diplomacy, foreign aid and education to come up with new solutions to the world’s problems.  We have nuclear weapons on missiles in silos (ICBM’s), on submarines and carried by bombers.  Do we really need all three as a deterrence force? Really do we “need” any? All will slowly age over the next 20 years, but there are of course plans to upgrade them all.  There are enough nuclear weapons loaded on the submarines alone to destroy Russia 3 times over. 

Nuclear weapons infrastructure is a relatively small item in the Pentagon budget, but packs an enormous threat to our own security and safety should an accident, theft or misfire occur.  It may not be on the radar of your legislator, so you need to advance cuts as the only safe thing to do.  We do not need a new weapons factory in Kansas City and our wonderful chapter there is fighting it, but it needs to have its budget cut.  Please target all your representatives and write Letters to the Editor anytime you see the budget mentioned.  In this budget tightening time, there is no excuse for allowing the nuclear weapons and military budget to escape the knife.  Besides—we know we are safer without nuclear weapons!


planet ranger said ..

if someone can kill people and also animals (without reasons), and life pollute all the air and water, the plants, birds this means he does not respect people and the future generations. life. this means he has no values. and stop saying american values

September 10, 2012
planet ranger said ..

whats the use of a nuclear weapon?, the real threat comes from the government? the real terrorists are those who bring terror to animals and unarmed people, and peaceful countries, by giving them arms to makes upriseing against the government of other countries. peaceful people are those who have values, not the ones (the decision makers) who are not willing to change their lifestyles to protect the planet. and it is themselves who are a weapon to the future generations.

September 10, 2012
planet ranger said ..

Y does the US want everyone ELSE to ban nuclear weapons,US even killed people/leaders for petrol saying that they had nuclear weapons. So that he has all the weapons and all other countries are disarmed! not only in cartoons does US want to rule/become the master of the world.

September 10, 2012
Joy Streck said ..

In this budget tightening time, there is no excuse for allowing the nuclear weapons and military budget to escape the knife. Besides—we know we are safer without nuclear weapons!

August 24, 2012
Daniel Kerlinsky MD said ..

For the first time since World War II the United States - without any ethical or strategic discussion- is about to rebuild the entire nuclear weapons production complex. We spent decades working to stop the production of nuclear weapons. Now all that work is about to be taken away. The lies are the same: the US needs to "modernize" and maintain nuclear weapons "safety" and reliability. But the truth is that new facilities will have the capacity to build thousands of new nuclear weapons per year. The US active nuclear arsenal has already been quietly modernized and no longterm safety or reliability issues exist. Given the clearance to discuss this in depth with two generations of nuclear weapons designers in 1994 we proved this to DOE with their own "Sandia Stockpile Lifestudy." With this we helped achieve a zero-yield CTBT. It is not just a budget item. It is a decision to commit to nuclear weapons production for another hundred years. Get involved.

March 14, 2012

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