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Only Euros Speak Today

Posted by Jill Marie Parillo on May 13, 2009

Delegations up and talking on the UN floor
Today, the only statement that made it to the floor was one given by a representative of the European Union. Delegations are too busy to speak due to their private meetings with the Zimbabwe delegation over the text of the recommendations to the Chair for the 2010 RevCon. The E.U. stressed their support, as committed to in the EU’s Barcelona Process, to a nuclear weapon free zone in the Middle East. We support the CTBT, and we already have started efforts to promote negotiations on an FMCT, said the European delegate. "In our working paper we provide guidance based on the 1995 and 2000 review conferences which calls for negotiations on a verifiable FMCT to take place at the Conference on Disarmament."

The E.U. working paper (which is not yet available online) says:

"We are determined to uphold the viability of the NPT and its central role in the international nonproliferation regime, the pursuit of nuclear disarmament with the objective to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons, and the peaceful use of the atom…We are also convinced that international peace and security will be negatively affected if a State Party were to withdraw from the Treaty and call on all NPT States to remain indefinitely committed to it….We welcome and encourage the efforts to replace START with a new legally binding instrument. We also call for the inclusion of all non-strategic nuclear weapons by those States which possess them, in their general arms control and disarmament processes, with a view to their reduction and elimination…The entry into force of the CTBT will form an integral part of strengthened and more credible non-proliferation regime. We urge all States that have not yet done so to swiftly sign and ratify the CTBT. Commencing without delay negations on an internationally and effectively verifiable FMCT, and reaching agreement on such a treaty, will offer a vital contribution to global non-proliferation architecture…We are convinced that legally binding security assurances provided by the five nuclear-weapon States would strengthen the nuclear nonproliferation regime…We are committed to the establishment of a Zone free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery in the Middle East."

And about "us" they said: "We welcome the contribution of civil society in promoting the principles and objectives of the NPT. The 2010 Review Conference should acknowledge this indispensable contribution and look for more effective interaction."


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