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PSR authors amplify the Hiroshima story: end the nuclear madness NOW!

Posted by Martin Fleck on August 14, 2014

What better time than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki anniversaries to call for an end to the nuclear madness?

Lantern floating ceremony at Green Lake in Seattle, August 6

The anniversaries of the 1945 bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki provide a "teachable moment" on one of the gravest health threats of our era: the world's arsenals of over 17,000 nuclear weapons.  At over 60 commemorations around the United States, citizens somberly reflected and expressed their aspirations for peace. PSR's leadership seized this opportunity to call for an end to the nuclear madness, with op-eds, blogs, and in some cases, letters to the editor. PSR's theme is that we are living on borrowed time and that the only way to protect human health is for the United States to exert meaningful leadership toward eliminating nuclear weapons worldwide, once and for all.

(If you placed a letter to the editor or other opinion piece, then please let us know by sending it

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Please scroll through this list of articles and send one or more of them to your US Representative and Senators. Choose one in your region or state, or perhaps one in which you recognize the author, or feel your elected official will be impressed by the media outlet. If you like the article, copy the web address (URL), visit the websites of your US representative and Senator, and use the "contact" section to compose a brief letter, including the title and author of the op-ed and the URL.  Invite your elected officials to not only read the op-ed, but to support negotiations to eliminate nuclear weapons.

National outlets 

Bob Dodge, MD, and Al Jubitz, "Remembering Hiroshima: Nuclear abolition and the will of the people," The Hill, Aug. 7.

Will Ossoff, "69 Years Later: Still Working to Prevent Another Hiroshima," Huffington Post, Aug. 4.

Martin Fleck, "U.S. must step up to prevent nuclear catastrophe," CNN Global Public Square, Aug. 6.

Bob Dodge, MD, "Hiroshima, 69 Years Later," Truthout, Aug. 2.  

Local media outlets


Raymond Graap, MD, and Schuyler Hilts, MD, "Nuclear annihilation still a global threat 70 years later," Arizona Daily Star, Aug. 8.


Bob Dodge, MD, "Hiroshima, 69 Years Later,"  Ventura County Star, Aug. 2.


Lynn Ringenberg, MD, "Hiroshima Anniversary," Tallahassee Democrat, Aug. 6.
Lynn Ringenberg, MD, "Echoes of Hiroshima," Tampa Bay Times, Aug. 7.


Paul Deaton, Letter to the Editor, Solon Economist + North Liberty Leader, Jul. 30.
Paul Deaton, "69th Anniversary of Hiroshima," Blog for Iowa, Aug. 6.


Doug Dransfield, MD, and Rev Cindy Maddox, "Maine Voices: Atomic bombings' anniversary serves as call for nuclear disarmament," Portland Press Herald, Aug. 6.
Andy Cadot, MD, "Hiroshima Anniversary," Bangor Daily News, Aug. 5.


Ira Helfand, MD, and John Pastore, MD, "Nuclear doom lurks in U.S. faceoff with Russia over Ukraine," Daily Hampshire Gazette, Aug. 6.
Bob Dodge, MD, "Hiroshima, 69 Years Later," Fall River Herald News, Aug. 4.
Bob Dodge, MD, "Hiroshima, 69 Years Later," Wicked Local North Attleborough, Aug. 4.


Bob Dodge, MD, "Hiroshima, 69 Years Later," Detroit News, Aug. 6.


Bob Dodge, MD, "Hiroshima, 69 Years Later," Las Vegas Informer, Jul. 31.

New Jersey:

Hattie Heavner, "It's time to ban nuclear arms," The Record, Aug. 5.

New York State:

Bill Klepack, MD, "2 Billion at risk of nuclear famine," Ithaca Journal, Aug. 6.

North Carolina:

Terry Clark, MD, "Nuclear threat still with us," Asheville Citizen-Times, Aug. 8.

South Carolina:

Bob Dodge, MD, "Hiroshima, 69 Years Later" Newberry Observer, Aug. 4.
Bob Dodge, MD, "Hiroshima, 69 Years Later," Orangeburg Times and Democrat, Aug. 4.


Joseph Logston said ..

Remember what happen in the Cuban missile crises!!!!............... joe

September 7, 2014
Tim Duda said ..

It's time to ban nuclear arms.

September 2, 2014
Meryle A. Korn said ..

Nuclear weapons must never again be used, whether in any of our current "wars of choice" or in response to any attack against America or our citizens.

August 21, 2014
susan said ..

stop this insanity NOW

August 20, 2014
Karin Ralph said ..

No more nuclear bombs

August 20, 2014
Anonymous said ..


August 19, 2014
Claire Lombardi said ..

The years pass by too quickly. The work to eliminate the nuclear threat passes too slowly. Please work on this very important danger and have it resolved soon.

August 19, 2014
Timothy Shanahan said ..

August 19, 2014
Ruth Anne Brighton said ..

Let's put our research into Solar and safe alternatives.

August 19, 2014
apryl lane said ..

Please end all nuclear involvement now!

August 19, 2014
sheggeby said ..

End Nuclear madness.

August 19, 2014

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