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PSR challenges millennials: "Take action to prevent nuclear war"

Posted by Martin Fleck on February 16, 2016

On February 8, PSR's Dr. Ira Helfand addressed students, faculty members and the public at Cornell University and SUNY-Cortland last week on this topic: "The Growing Danger of Nuclear War and What We Can Do About It." Both events were cosponsored by PSR and hosted by local academic departments and organizations. Dr. Helfand outlined the increasing danger of nuclear war and challenged the students, faculty and citizens to support—here in the U.S.--the global humanitarian impact initiative to stigmatize, prohibit and eliminate all nuclear weapons from the earth.

Do you attend a college or instruct at one? Are millennials part of your social network? We need you! For more ideas and involvement, including how to line up a PSR speaker for your college, PSR Security Program plans for 2016, or how to join PSR's Security Committee, please contact PSR's Security Program Director, Martin Fleck,

Here are some ways for you to get involved with the work of PSR's Security Committee:

The Cornell event was hosted by the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies and cosponsored by PSR, Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, the Center for Transformative Action and the Episcopal Peace Fellowship. The SUNY-Cortland event was hosted by the SUNY-Cortland Center for Ethics, Peace and Social Justice and cosponsored by PSR, the Departments of History, Geography, Political Science, Modern Languages, Africana Studies, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, as well as the Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies, and the Clark Center for International Education.


Daniel Kerlinsky MD said ..

Join me in the Washington Post reader's comments on every nuclear weapons article. Encourage each other to submit Op-Eds to the Washington Post, send letters to the White House, and messages to the Twitter accounts of the President and his staff. Hiroshima Day is in the news for a possible POTUS trip to Japan. Give some thought to my Tritium Clock Countdown proposal. We can ask the President to call a moratorium on Tritium reloading - which would start a countdown on the destructive power of all modern thermonuclear warheads. The Tritium Clock Countdown: "Disarmament is Inevitable ... by Law of Physics!"

April 16, 2016
Daniel Kerlinsky MD said ..

"Ban", "eliminate", and "abolish" are not specific enough to respond to what the nuclear weapons states are doing... which is building and refurbishing nuclear weapons. A Treaty Convention is what needs to be called to write a treaty to halt the manufacture and refurbishment of nuclear weapons everywhere. This could include Iran, Israel, North Korea,India and Pakistan as well as China, Russia, Great Britain, France and the US. New nuclear weapon manufacturing facilities will be robotic and capable of producing weapons as quickly as automobiles roll off the assembly line. The US refurbishment program is stalled. The experienced weapons designers and engineers are retired. Close the door and lock it. Abolition can wait. Stop production now.

March 28, 2016

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