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PSR Lobby Day to Stop the New Arms Race

Posted on September 30, 2016

Monday, Sept 26th: Fifteen enthusiastic PSR members came to Capitol Hill to discuss just how bad nuclear weapons are for humanity.

Martin Fleck, Christine Herrmann and Catherine Thomasson, MD of PSR with Lawrence Heath, MD of Woodbridge, VA

Danny Hall of Soka Gakkai International, Drs. Lincoln and Alice Day, and Martin Fleck, Security Director of PSR

Danny Hall and Sociologist Alice Day engage with Wyndee Parker, senior advisor to Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Visiting VA Senator Tim Kaine’s office:  Foreign Policy Analyst Blake Souter, filmmaker Anthony Donovan of NY,  Sr. Defense Advisor Ryan Colvert, Martin Fleck and Dr. Larry Heath of VA.

Lunch at the Longworth Building: PSR Database Manager Renee Nida helped organize the lobby day and visited her Maryland congressman’s office; Martin Fleck, standing, Alice Day, Ph.D. of DC, Tim Whitehouse, JD, of Chesapeake PSR, Christine Herrmann and Dr. Catherine Thomasson of PSR, Maryland resident Dr. Harvey Fernbach, Lincoln Day, Ph.D. of DC and Dr. Larry Heath of Virginia, standing

Filmmaker Anthony Donovan of New York and Larry Heath, MD, of Woodbridge, VA meet with Mark Warner's national security team member Jonathan Daniell

Dr. Bob Little of Harrisburg, PA with Renee Nida, gathering materials for his senators.

Martin Fleck and Dr. Ira Helfand pause with some of our citizen lobbyists before they set off to their meetings.

Dr. Larry Heath and journalist Priscilla Hart consider their presentations to their respective members of Congress.

Christine Herrmann, Tim Whitehouse, and Renee Nida meet with Virdina Gibbs (second from left), legislative assistant to Rep. Van Hollen

Ira preps the group on PSR's goals for the day

Drs. Bob Little of Harrisburg and John Downes of Philadelphia visited Katherine Cessar, legislative correspondent for Sen. Patrick Toomey

Drs. Little and Downes also visited Christina Brown, veteran affairs legislative assistant for Sen. Bob Casey


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