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PSR Turns Up the Heat at Peace & Planet Disarmament Events

Posted by Martin Fleck on March 17, 2015

This spring, PSR chapters in 15 states will take advantage of an excellent "teachable moment" to promote nuclear disarmament. Representatives from the 188 countries party to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty will gather in New York April 27 for the once-every-five-years NPT Review Conference. Just prior to that, PSR authors (like YOU) will place op-eds in local newspapers calling upon governments to fulfill their NPT Treaty obligations by negotiating to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons worldwide. (Our last wave of op-eds generated 16 local op-eds in 12 states and 7 national-level op-eds.)

Last October at the United Nations, 155 nations called for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons.  In December, at the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, Pope Francis, representatives from many nations, and the host government of Austria all challenged the world to legally prohibit nuclear weapons.

Next month, the drumbeat to end nuclear dangers will grow louder still.  A coalition of 65 organizations--including PSR—is hosting a series of events in New York City to show public support for disarmament.   PSR and Student PSR members will participate in the April 24-25 Peace and Planet conference and the April 26 rally, interfaith service, march and peace festival. PSR members in every state are invited to participate in Global Wave 2015 on April 26, which will circle the planet one time zone at a time, demonstrating support for disarmament everywhere.

Here's how you can participate:

Participate in PSR's webinar, Paths to Disarmament: the NPT and the Humanitarian Initiative featuring special guest John Loretz, IPPNW Program Director, and host Martin Fleck, PSR Program Director. Thursday, April 2 @ 8PM - 9PM EST. Register now »

Author an op-ed during PSR's nationwide wave of disarmament op-eds in April. Contact Martin Fleck or Theresa Shaffer for details.

Consider going in-person to participate in the Peace and Planet international conference, interfaith service, rally, and march in New York. All the details are available at If you can, volunteer to help make these events successful. 

Plan to watch the Peace and Planet international conference plenary sessions on April 24 and 25, which will be live-streamed on the internet. Visit for details.

Sign the Peace and Planet petition online here, and/or download the printable version of the petition. Take the petition to your club, school, church, daycare, or other social gathering and sign people on. 

Arrange for your PSR chapter, civil society organization, church or synagogue to join the 150+ endorsers of the Peace and Planet Mobilization. Click here for the endorsement form. 

Coordinate a local action in your time zone, large or small, as part of Global Wave 2015. Click here for more information.

The Nonproliferation Treaty (which entered into force in 1970) includes the only existing legal mandate for nuclear disarmament. NPT Article VI calls for all signatories to negotiate: "a treaty on general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control." Let's hold the nuclear-armed states party to the NPT—including the United States—accountable!


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