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Supreme Leader Speaks

Posted by Jill Marie Parillo on June 19, 2009

At 12:05 Mecca time Iran’s Supreme Leader spoke to the people. He was with supporters of Ahmadinejad. Normally calm and collected, Supreme Leader Khamenei was very upset and even crying at the end of his speech June 19. Khamenei said it will be the fault of the demonstrators if anyone is injured or killed during demonstrations this weekend. He was nearly in tears at the end of his speech as he proclaimed his deep love for his people. 

The Supreme Leader also said that the election was over. Ahmadinejad won, and there could not have been such a huge margin of error in the vote count (11 million vote error).  Ahmadinejad was wrong to call Rafsanjani (head of the Expediency Council) corrupt, he said, but then strongly aligned himself with Ahmadinejad’s political views. Siding with Ahmadinejad and splitting off with Rafsanjani in this part of the speech will likely have an impact on Iran’s political system in the near future. 

Here is most of the full text of the speech translated into English this morning live from my notes. It is not perfect, since it went from Farsi/Persian to English and through note taking:

Our presence will be near to god… The hearts of the participants of the Friday prayer will flow that and ally that fear of god. These days, was the day of the birthday of Fatima Said…The versus from the Quran I recited to you, call us to follow Sequin (inaudible) as the movement of the holly prophet emigrating from Medina to Mecca.


We can take a few lessons from the pilgrims on 6th year of Israel. In one part, the enemies were surrounding them and were far away from Medina, and the enemies were close to the power of Mecca, plus, they had arms and protection, and sacred the people….A faith coming deeper inside the heart the faith bringing more light inside them, that is why, for a group of Muslims and believers we should think positively about god. Remembering that god is always behind rights and truth. When the heart is strong the steps will become stronger and you will become closer to the goal, some always want to put worry and stress onto Muslims. In history we have a lot of stories and even before Islam we had stories that revealed this. Believers achieved things with great faith and a quiet and peaceful mind. They did not have stress. When we gain stress and worry, it will be difficult to find our ways, when we are calm and quiet, it is easy to find solutions. This is the blessing of Allah.

Today believers need to find the calm, needs to find strength, and if he is thinking of god, which will keep us from the worries of this world… not only to be closer to god, but also by doing things with simplification and purifications, we will also clear our mind and it will teach us what we need in our life, and it will also help to understand what god wants.

Anything that is in your heart or comes out of your mouth must be close to Allah.  You should always remember god, the name of god has to be always with you, the action must be in remembrance of god. This is what we need.

I am telling you from the beginning of the revolution until now, that 30 years have passed, events are taking place that can eliminate the Islamic system and eliminate the regime and make a lot of trouble in our country and even in neighboring countries.

We saw those events, but strength comes to us due to our faith and as members of god we have light and protection (inaudible-and then screaming and chanting). This is the showing of the mercy of God.

Dear people, in one hand that is the mercy of love, but on the other hand, how can we keep listening, I hope we won’t forget it and lose it from our hearts, especially you there, youth from all over the country. Your heart enlightened, you have to think about that and keep that, remember Allah.

I would like to tell you that when I am seeing these people and according to the history of this country and others, I am sure that we will have success by the will of God and be protected (chanting and screaming from crowd).

The separatist fear spirituality/faith, we should think about that. Politics try to take it away and forget spirituality/faith, which is the natural way to have freedom. We do not know where you want to go, or how you want to go. This [1979] revolution from the beginning was strong due to your faith. And it will be strong. Thanks to god. With all the distortions and trouble – our people are still believers loving god and loving spirituality/faith today inside a materialistic world. With troubles and turmoil they do not know what to do. They need to go back to spirituality/faith, but they do not know how to go back to spirituality/faith.

And they want to gain again spirituality/faith, but it is not that easy. Spirituality/faith helped us win the revolution; we saw a huge successful revolution. With spirituality/faith an Islamic system can be built in this materialistic world and can be a strong pillar in the Islamic world and keep it safe. In 8 years of war it protected us….Most of our youth are spiritual and religious, even if you do not see it at first in their face, these young people we see at Ramadan and celebrations are very faithful.

I swear to the holey Quran, and Imams and holy prophets. I ask you God to give us more faith. I ask you to be closer to the Quran, oh god, I ask you to give us calm and peaceful hearts.  Oh God, these oppressed people, towards their enemy, I ask you to give them victory. Oh God, whatever we are doing, it will be for you and only for you. Oh god trusts me to your proof…to the hidden Imam, except our prayers and deliver us…In the name of god the most gracious a merciful, prayers on the prophet Mohamed, and in holy fable finally… I want you to have pity in this sermon I want to say to our dear brothers and sisters to follow the pious way of god.

I would like to talk about the issue of elections, which is the main issue in the country.

I will talk about three parts of this issue. One is the principle issue for our people, and I have something to tell you. Another is about the political participants and our leaders, and to our activists of political and electoral campaigns. The last issue I will address is to Western countries, especially those Western countries that are the leaders of the media.

First Part of this Issue (to the people):

The first issue/part is for the dear people. My words will only be thanks for your way of speaking out. I hate to only use eloquent arguments.  I simply want to tell the dear people, even if I exaggerate, it’s not enough thanks for your efforts in this regard. What I want to tell you, the election of June 12, fulfilled your civil responsibility and is proof of the strong participation of our people. That was a show of the love towards the current Iranian system.

Our system is similar to the so called democratic countries’ systems. We do not see any other country as democratic as ours [yelling and shooting ensues].

In the Islamic Republic, for 57 Iranian calendars, since the Islamic Revolution and in history, we have never seen so many participants in an election. 85% participated in this election and Holy Hidden Imam saw it. This proved God is watching and is close. I deeply want to thank you, the youth and the young generation especially showed their worry and political consciousness and their political obligations.

It was as strong an effort as the beginning of the revolution was. Yet the only difference is that a war came after that revolution. Now we see the similar things and have the same feelings of responsibility and worry, as we had during the time of revolution.  Certainly there are differences among people. As for elections, some people want one person, others want another, this is natural, but what we are feeling among our people is they all want to participate, those from small towns to big cities, those with all different backgrounds, men, women, young and old. Everyone participated. Everyone moved towards this together.

This election has been hard for your enemies. For your friends from all over the world, this was a historical celebration. A 30 year old revolution, and that many people participated to show love and loyalty to Imam. The martyrs were also showing love of Imam. This is the beginning of another new big opportunity. This election was a religious democratic event that all the world saw.

All those that dislike this regime and this system, saw it. It showed those dictatorship run countries that this is a religious democratic event….

Another point about the June 12 election, it showed that people with belief, hope and joy are living in this country.  This is very important, since the enemies are using it to prove other things. If the young did not have any hope in our system, they would not have participated in the election. If they didn’t feel free, they would not have participated in the election.  Belief in the Islamic Republic system was shown by the participation in this election and in this system.

The enemies target this belief in the system. The enemies of the people of Iran wanted to take it from us, and act as though participation showed doubt of, not strength in, the system. If the trust wasn’t there, the participation would have been very low. When presentation is small, it means the system is weak. The enemies want to take away the trust of the system…

The enemies approach started two or three months before the elections.  I heard they were repeating this idea constantly, and said it would be used for the elections.  They prepared it all before. And at that time months before the election, I said, do not listen to those allegations. The Islamic system did not come easily, it represents 30 years of a lot of work building trust with the people, but the enemies want to take away this trust.

Second Part (to the political participants, leaders, and activists of political and electoral campaigns)

Another point is about participation in the election and competition among the candidates. The competition was very open, and allowed us up until now to hear all sides of the debate among the four candidates, who all belong to Islamic system. The Zionist media tried to show that there were candidates against the Islamic system/outside the system and some candidates for/inside the system.  This is not true… The President of our country wanted a lot that is truthful. The other candidate was the Prime Minister, while I was president, he was Prime Minster. Another candidate was a high ranking officer in the military for the 8 years of war [Iran-Iraq War], and twice President of Majles.  All of them are from this Islamic Republic, and all are part of this system and regime. None of them were for or against the regime/system, they are all part of it. 

The Zionist and British radio tried to change this by reporting that candidates were within or against the regime, yet, all of them have been approved by me! I know all of them closely and have worked with them. I know them well. I do not accept all of their views, and agreed with some. Yes some are better for the country than others, but that is up to the people to decide. I did not force my views onto the people, they decided what they wanted and chose it at the ballot box.  The current issues are all occurring within the system.  The dispute is not among or against the people that supported the revolution. The four candidates believe in the Islamic Regime/system…

The candidates were disputing and speaking seriously and there was positive and negative effects from that. The positive points of the arguments were very clear and they were honestly spoken from the bottom of the candidates’ hearts and criticisms during debates were met with clear proofs and answers. The ideas were made very clear and available to the Iranian people. Everything was clear to the people, they felt that the Islamic system was informative and felt part of system. All views were available to the people and made clear to the people. We can see the vote of the people was clear.

The right to vote is the right of the people…

People were selecting the candidate they wanted and came to vote. The disputes and conversations among candidates which were discussed inside the streets and houses of Iran, gave more strength and power to the system.

The ideas and arguments made between candidates should not be transformed into a misunderstanding… Debates, discussions/questioning and criticism should still continue about what the candidates said.  This is a way to better understand things and figure out even clearer answers. During the next four years, if we can do that [continue to ask questions of the regime/government], we will avoid any explosion. We [the government] will just reply to all the questions raised.  This will be a positive impact of the debates.

There was negative impact. Some arguments and disputes among candidates brought personal destruction among some. Some things were said that portrayed a very black picture of the last president and presidential term. Some people condemned the term, but the things that were said were not true, those were rumors about the government in service... I did watch arguments during the campaign and liked the freedom candidates had to speak….

Some followers to certain candidates were very worrisome, during the prayer sermon we have to say the truth, both sides have to. But unfortunately some spoke against their Islamic President [Ahmadinejad]. Someone brought me the abstract of that argument. This president [Ahmadinejad] was elected by the people, and yet in this argument he was called a liar, is that good? No, but he made a false allegation against two and spread it. I know what happened, this is a lie. He said one of these people [Rafsanjani, head Council of Experts] is a superstitious person who did illegal things… With this, 30 years of all the good work of the Islamic Republic began turning black. These were people in high level positions, so I will name them, Hashemi Rafsanjani and Nateq Nouri. Mr. Hashemi everyone knew him, personally I knew him before 1336, that is before the revolution. He was a key person against the previous regime and who participated in the revolution. He was one of the most helpful and closest to the Imam during the revolution.  

He was several times close to martyrdom, and he took action for the revolution. The youth should know that. He was the Majles president, and we haven’t anyone else so far close and supportive of the revolution. His relatives. He was at the service of the revolution. I may differ in perspective of some of Mr. Hashemi’s views... The President is actually the closest to my point of view on this [cheering yelling ensues].

About Nateq Nouri, who is one of the most loving people at the service of this regime and this revolution…We need to fight the corruption [massive cheering ensues]...

I would like to say that we do not claim there is no corruption in our State, yes indeed if there was no corruption, I would not have wrote an eight point remark recently to the Parliament. This is one of the most healthy and political democratic systems in the world. Zionist sources are condemning this country to corruption. There are people responsible for economic corruption here, and that is a big enemy of ours that we must fight against, otherwise it will spread and engulf us, as it is in Western countries fighting against corruption. And look at the UK [United Kingdom], with all the corruption in their parliament.

So, I speak to the people when I say-My dear people, the June 12 movement was a historical event, If some of our enemies from all over the world wanted to show that the victory of this country was actually a defeat it is because they wanted to break your hearts. Everything you did and are doing has been seen by me and I am taking note of it/considering it, nothing can be taken away from you or changed [yelling cheering].

The Presidential campaign is finished. All of four candidates participating got a blessing from god, all of them are among us, and in line with the revolution… Those 40 million votes come from those that trust and believe in the Islamic Republic and its system. The Islamic Republic is not cheating anyone.

There is no cheating inside the electoral system here, it is well controlled. How could there be a mistake/cheating for 11 million votes? 100 or 200 thousands, maybe I can imagine, but 11 million!? That is not possible!

I already said that if some people have some doubts and proof of cheating that occurred, than prove so legally. I will not look into false allegations.

Please listen, in a legal framework and in all elections, there are some winners, and some losers. An election any other way would not be truthful or right.  We will continue everything in the right way according to law. It is normal to control and supervise the elections….

The second speech on this issue is to the politicians and political groups, today is a very sensitive period, look at the world Middle East, the global economy, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, this is a very crucial time in history.  All of us have the responsibility to be conscious and careful, to make sure we do not make mistakes. During the elections, people did what they were supposed to do. We have heavier responsibilities in this period of time. To the leaders of groups and candidates, these representatives need to be careful of how they are citing and how they are speaking about things. If they are doing things in an extreme way, it may be dangerous for the people and hard to bring them together again. Extremist will try to cause problems. I say to all my friends and brothers, try to be patient, look at what enemies are trying to do…

 Today I will tell you that some diplomats by use of good manners/politesse are starting to show their real face/true colors. They prove who the real enemies are of the Islamic Republic. The worse are the British, the UK. I would like to say to my brothers- you have a responsibility towards god, so please read the last wills of Imam. The laws are at this conclusion and he points out why an election can answer people’s needs, not demonstrations on the streets.

If demonstrations are what we are suppose to vote with, why do we bother having an election?  Voting gives you power, not going to the street. Demonstration on the streets mean that you want to leave the Republic. Why did you go to the streets?  It is easier for terrorist to do attacks if there are street demonstrations. And if people do go to the streets and something happens, who will take the blame?...If something happens on the streets, it will be those that demonstrated that will be responsible, not the Basij.  This is the wrong way to accomplish change. First of all, asking in such an illegal way, is how all dictatorships begin.

I am asking all my friends and sisters and brothers to follow the laws and use ways to communicate through love and friendship. We ask that god give us blessings to act in this way…

Third Part (to Western countries, especially those Western countries that are the leaders of the media):

This third issue I want to address is to the Western Media and the Western Countries. Those actions of the government of the United States and the European countries, I am speaking about actions they took the night after the election and also two or three days after the election… Before the elections they said that they doubted a lot of Iranians would take part in the elections. They did not expect that 40 million people would participate.  They were shocked and understood then, and now, what is happening in Iran; in respect to the people, the situation in the Middle East, the nuclear affair and the Iran affair. They were shocked to discover this new era for Iran and they need to accept it.

And you saw the high participation of the Iranian people, and how they were constantly connected. The saw the results and all that happened. The West hoped when they saw candidates questioning votes and getting upset, and people gathering in the streets, that little by little Iran’s religion would be forced to change, this is when these Western actors showed their true colors/faces. Some democratic countries and the United States delivered speeches proved this.

It was coded in the message from the American President that they were waiting for that day that Iranians demonstrated in the streets. After showing respect to the Islamic Republic, they do this. What side of the U.S. should we trust?!

 Inside the country there are some foreigners that are trying to start demonstrations, they created fires, broke windows, stole from stores and are taking the security away from the people. These are not the followers of our candidates; they are only bad people and bad spies from the Zionist regime networks.

It is difficult that Iran does not have much of a base. A business man from the Zionist regime reported on the news that I spent ten million dollars towards the revolution in Georgia and he claimed the Islamic Republic is similar to Georgia. We are nothing like Georgia, and those that say so, know nothing about the people of Iran. The worse thing I heard were statements pretending to defend the Americans. If you do this, do you think you are really defending/believing in the rights of the Iranian people?  Tell me; Who demonized people in Iran? Who helps the Zionist regime? During the elections in the U.S. the husband of the lady [Bill Clinton] brought people [FBI] to the Branch Davidians sect and burned them/children. Those responsible from the United States and Europe should be ashamed. The Islamic Republic is a leader of the oppressed people in Afghanistan and Palestine, and we believe in human rights and Islam. We do not need others to advise us on human rights.

Sermon to Imam

I have a last sermon for our Imam. Oh my master, all we need to do, we are doing. Whatever we need to say, we are saying it. All I have: a sole, a life, an able body, a house, I will sacrifice it all for the revolution, and I will tell it to you my master. Please pray for us, you are the owner of this country, you are the owner of this revolution, you are our leader and we will continue that way with your help by your way. In the name of Allah…may god bless you.


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