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Take PSR's Social Media Challenge! Tell Nikki Haley: No More Hiroshimas--Support the Nuclear Ban

Posted by Elana Simon on August 4, 2017

72 years after the horrific bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nuclear weapons are now illegal. 122 nations voted to adopt the nuclear weapons ban treaty, but UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and leaders from other nuclear-armed countries boycotted the negotiations

From August 6-11, join PSR's social media challenge to tweet at Ambassador Haley to support the nuclear ban. PSR encourages you participate in the challenge yourself, and consider attending a local Hiroshima - Nagasaki commemoration event. You can consult PSR's listing of community events across the country here.

Help us show Ambassador Haley that Americans support a world without nuclear weapons. Here's how you can participate.


  1. What you need:
  2. Prepare your placard. Print the sign "BAN NUCLEAR WEAPONS FOR___" in color, if possible.  If you are encouraging a friend or community member to make the challenge, then print some placards and let your friends fill in the blank. You might want to tell Ambassador Haley to ban nuclear weapons for "my children," "our sanity," "our planet," or "peace."


Take the picture vertically. Remember to zoom in the camera so that the text on the whiteboard is visible and there is not unnecessary background space.


We will use Twitter to send our message to Nikki Haley. Send your tweet anytime from August 6-August 11. In addition to Twitter, we encourage you to post on your other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Here are important instructions for what to include in the tweet:

  • "Tag" Nikki Haley's Twitter account in the tweet. That means include her Twitter handle which is @nikkihaley.
    • (Note: if the handle "@nikkihaley" is the first word of the sentence, you must put a "." before the handle to make it a public post instead of a private reply. For example: ".@nikkihaley should..." is a public post but "@nikkihaley should..." it a private reply. "We want @nikkihaley to..." is a public post and doesn't need a "." because @nikkihaley isn't the first word of the sentence.)
    • Use the hashtag #nuclearban
    • Use one of these hashtags: #HiroshimaDay, #NagasakiDay, #Hiroshima or #Nagasaki
    • Tag PSR Security's Twitter account, @PSRSecurity, at the end of the tweet. This is important because PSR National wants to keep track of tweets for the social media challenge. It will also alert PSR National to retweet you!
    • Attach anywhere from 1-4 photos to a single tweet.

Use any of these sample tweets for the text, or write your own using the guidelines above:

On #HiroshimaDay, Americans are telling @nikkihaley to stand up for humanity and sign the #nuclearban. @PSRSecurity

We have a message for @nikkihaley to remember #Nagasaki: the U.S. should sign the #nuclearban. @PSRSecurity

As a physician, I call on @nikkihaley to support the #nuclearban. Remember #Hiroshima. @PSRsecurity

On #NagasakiDay, @nikkihaley needs to know that Americans support the #nuclearban. @PSRSecurity

No one should experience the horrors of #Nagasaki again. Americans tell @nikkihaley that the US should sign the #nuclearban. @PSRSecurity

Tell @nikkihaley: no more #Hiroshima's! Americans support the #nuclearban. @PSRSecurity

[New Yorkers / Los Angelenos / Iowans / Seattleites] have a message for @nikkihaley. Remember #Nagasaki. Sign the #nuclearban! @PSRSecurity

Thank you for participating in PSR's social media challenge! Are you following us on Twitter? Stay tuned by following PSR National, PSR Security, and PSR Environment & Health.


Tom Newman said ..

It's only about my 5th tweet, but I did it. At least I think i did. How can I tell?

August 7, 2017

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