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Your membership supports PSR's work to reduce global warming, eliminate toxics in our environment and abolish nuclear weapons. YOU make our work possible. Thank you.

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Contact Secretary of State Tillerson and show your support for direct talks with North Korea about their nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. No war with North Korea!

"Physicians for Social Responsibility has done more to educate policy makers and publics about nuclear security and the horrific consequences of nuclear weapons development and use than any other organization in the world. I admire you for what you have accomplished - and I have every confidence that you will continue to play a major role in shaping ongoing and future discussions about the very significant risks posed by nuclear weapons and our policies of deterrence and modernization....

"You know how helpless your community would be in the face of a nuclear detonation. Our publics should know the blunt truth about the horrors just one nuclear weapon would unleash, and they should know not to hold out any hope that there will be help if it happens. They have a right to know it, and your profession has an obligation to tell them. This is not a disease. We cannot hold out hope that advances will save us or future generations." — Lord Des Browne, Vice Chairman, Nuclear Threat Initiative

Get Involved!

Empowering Messengers for Disarmament

PSR's message on the dangers of nuclear weapons is more relevant than ever. PSR is sponsoring the second event in our series of Speaker's Trainings in Los Angeles on April 2. In this hands-on, 4 hour workshop, Security Committee leaders will prepare you to convey the humanitarian case for disarmament using PSR resources. We anticipate hosting a third training in the Mid-Atlantic region at a future date. To reserve your spot in L.A., click here to register.

Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons—New DATA

The use of nuclear weapons represents a real and present danger to the planet. Any use of nuclear weapons would be catastrophic to the people where they are used and, even a limited regional nuclear war, would have global consequences with drops in temperature and food production.

Internationally this is big news.  The International Committee of the Red Cross passed a resolution stating, “Working towards the elimination of nuclear weapons,” we appeal to all States:

  • To ensure that nuclear weapons are never again used,
  • To pursue in good faith and conclude with urgency and determination negotiations to prohibit the use of and completely eliminate nuclear weapons through a legally binding international agreement, based on existing commitments and international obligations.

WATCH THIS VIDEO and learn for yourself about the impact of nuclear weapons and then share it!

The humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons must compel all of us to recognize that the time has come to abolish these dangerous and immoral weapons. Should you commit to join us on this journey, we will ask a lot of you. We will want you to not only contact your elected officials but we will also ask you to talk to your neighbors and community. If we are to change the world, we need you to be leaders in your community to educate people on why they should care about abolishing nuclear weapons.

A "Humanitarian Threats of Nuclear Weapons" Education Campaign

Educating people on the humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons is central to the work of Physicians for Social Responsibility. The topic is a hard one for most to hear but necessary if we are to succeed in convincing people that these weapons are entirely too dangerous to trust their continued possession in the hands of fallable governments. Below is a video by PSR's Dr. Ira Helfand who discusses the immediate aftermath of the use of nuclear weapons in a variety of contexts.

For more than 50 years, Physicians for Social Responsibility activists have brought together health professionals and concerned citizens to advocate for a world free of nuclear weapons and a foreign policy focused on peace. In 1985 the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and PSR shared the Nobel Peace Prize for their grassroots work against nuclear testing and to advocate for nuclear disarmament. Today, we ask you to join us as we continue the work needed to prevent some of the gravest threats to human health.       

Page Updated March 15, 2017