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Military Spending

At PSR, we know that we can’t solve the pressing human and environmental needs facing us, nor can we address the budget deficit, if we continue to ignore the billions spent on the military.   

Let’s raise our voices together and demand meaningful reductions in military spending.                          

The great film the Story of Broke makes our point clearly and concisely.  No matter what you hear these days, our nation is not broke.  It is a question of our priorities. 

PSR is featured as a partner organization on this important project.

The National Priorities Project is a well respected group that provides clear data on the Federal Budget, Military Spending, and the direct impact on communities throughout the U.S.  PSR partnered with NPP to host a webinar on these vital topics.  Please visit their site for a wealth of information.


As you help build awareness around the need for military spending cuts, take a look at this hand-out and please adapt for your use.

We need your help building support for an alternative that promotes peace, justice and protects the environment. The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) “Budget for All” is a realistic budget that provides a strong vision for the future of our nation.  We are proud that the CPC incorporated the entire Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures (SANE) Act in their budget this year.  PSR has been working with Rep. Ed. Markey on this vital legislation which would save $100 billion over the next decade by making prudent cuts to U.S. nuclear weapons spending, bolstering both our economic and national security.