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Non-Proliferation Treaty

The Non-Proliferation Treaty is the cornerstone of nuclear disarmament policy in the world. The language of the treaty defines the relationship between nuclear and non-nuclear states, aims to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, and places obligations on all parties to make good faith efforts for mutual reductions in nuclear arsenals world-wide. Under the treaty, Nuclear Weapon States are defined as the five states that exploded a nuclear device before January 1, 1967 (United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, and China). States that have acquired nuclear weapons since the passage of the treaty are not recognized as legitimate nuclear weapon states.

(2010 Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty Review Conference) The Pentagon released the number of nuclear weapons in our arsenal at 5,113. This does not include non deployed weapons in queue for disaramament. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at a press conference at the United Nations for the NPT Review Conference, click here for link to the video. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon gave an address at the Review Conference to States party to the NPT, here is the transcript of his address. As well as, an address to the Internatioanl Peace Conference on May 1st that highlighted the need to "disarm now." The transcript of that speech can be found here.

Researcher Corner

Strengthening the Non-Proliferation Regime - PSR Factsheet on measures to help improve our Non-Proliferation policy and strengthen the NPT.

ACA NPT Fact Sheet - Arms Control Association Factsheet on important information about the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Non-Proliferation Treaty Text - The language of the arms control treaty


Activist Corner

Physicians for Social Responsibility will be attending the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference taking place in May and will be presenting to delegates on the medical consequences to inaction on this critical issue. There is an important community effort taking place preceding the Review Conference called the "International Peace Conference." Please participate and contribute to this important conference and demonstration to let the world know that the United States is ready to take leadership on nuclear disarmament.

International Peace Conference

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