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Nuclear Terrorism

The potential for terrorist organisations to detonate a nuclear device in the United States is a real and preventable threat. Although the technical knowledge required to build a nuclear device is widely available; the limiting factor is the ability to acquire sufficient fissile materials. Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) views securing all "loose" nuclear-grade material through the Cooperative Threat Reduction and Global Threat Reduction Initiatives as critical priorities to reduce the risk of terrorists being able to acquire sufficient nuclear materials.

Ultimately, however, we will never be able to secure loose nuclear-grade material sufficiently if more countries continue to produce new nuclear weapons. We need a global nuclear disarmament campaign that is spearheaded by the United States showing a real commitment to reducing their arsenal through the ratification of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). PSR has developed resources explaining some of the concerns we have with regards to the continuing danger of terrorism and what that combination with nuclear weapons could mean for our country.


Researcher Corner

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