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Nuclear Weapons Budget

The Fiscal Year 2013 budget (FY-13) shows funding levels to agencies with responsibilities over the United States' nuclear arsenal. In the budget, the International Nuclear Material Protection and Cooperation saw the highest cut of $260.6 million. This deep cut can be explained by the several actions taken by the Obama Administration in 2010 and 2011 through the Threat Reduction Initiative. Those actions included the removal of a significant amount of LEU, HEU and other nuclear materials from nations with security concerns, the funding of initiatives combating nuclear terrorism and establishing a framework of confident building among nuclear nations and non nuclear nations.

Although there are positive aspects to some of the budget increases (regarding increases in non-proliferation initiatives) there are areas of considerable concern where the administration appears to be developing America's capacity to build more nuclear weapon components in the future. We feel that this sends the wrong message to the international community and will hinder our ability to make progress in building a consensus towards disarmament.

Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation
April 30, 2012
Amounts are in a million value.

Defense Nuclear Non Proliferation

FY 2011


FY 2012


FY 2013 Request


FY 2013 request

compared to

FY 2012 Appro.

Global Threat Reduction Initiative









Second Line of Defense





International Nuclear Material Protection and Cooperation













Non Proliferation and International Security













Fissile Material Disposition










MOX Program










Non Proliferation and Verification Research and Development

































National Nuclear Security Administration – Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation


FY 2013 National Nuclear Security Administration Budget Request

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