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Tell your U.S. Representative to vote against H.R. 806 which weakens delays implementation of the updated ozone rules by eight years and tries to dismantle the Clean Air Act.


Here you will find resources for all of the issues that PSR Security Program presently works on. For further information, please email our Security Director Martin Fleck.

Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

PSR's motto : "Prevention is the only cure."  This is why we are working to build political will in the United States for the abolition of nuclear weapons. Any detonation of a nuclear weapon, whether by accident or design, would have devastating consequences on civilian populations. PSR is part of a large international movement calling for a ban on nuclear weapons due to their humanitarian consequences. Below is a list of resources to promote and learn more about the humanitarian impact campaign.


Nukes in Your Backyard

Nuclear Famine: 2 Billion People at Risk

PSR believes that we must raise awareness of the devastation nuclear weapons may cause. Our report Nuclear Famine: Two Billion People at Risk demonstrates the climate cooling that would put up to two billion at risk of starvation if only 100 nuclear weapons were detonated between India and Pakistan. Our handout provides a summary of the report.  

Video Presentation for the Nuclear Famine Report

Diplomacy with Iran

PSR believes that a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear problem is the only solution. We support the continuation of negotiations in order to reach a final comprehensive agreement with regards to Iran's nuclear program. Any alternative to an agreement could put the U.S. on a path towards war and lead to yet another crisis in the Middle East.

Concrete Steps Towards Nuclear Disarmament

PSR supports global nuclear disarmament. That is why we’re working on concrete steps to achieve this goal in coordination with allied organizations in the United States.  


Nuclear Weapons in the U.S. Budget

PSR works to put an end to the billions of U.S. taxpayers' dollars wasted every year on nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are pointless, yet the U.S. plan to spend $348 billion over the next 10 years on maintaining and modernizing our nuclear arsenal. These weapons pose more of a risk than a threat, and they fail to protect us from the issues we face today such as cyber attacks, terrorism, climate change, and contagious diseases.

Engaging Youth

PSR understands that the key to the future lies in the hands of the youth. This is why we are constantly working to educate younger generations on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons and the need for their abolition. PSR and Student PSR are working in coordination with the International Campaign to Abolition Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) to instill a need for social change among youth.

Student PSR project ideas

PSR Security Twitter Page

See our Dropbox folder for additional resources, including powerpoint presentations.