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Security News & Views ~ Special Hiroshima/Nagasaki Edition

August 18, 2015

Here's our top 10 picks from the 70 anniversary Hiroshima/Nagasaki media wave. Happy Reading!

What Obama should say on Hiroshima anniversary
CNN / Ira Helfand, MD

Back in 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama delivered an important speech in Prague, where he focused at length on the ongoing nuclear threat and the continued existence of thousands of nuclear weapons. Fast forward to today, and it is time for the President to again speak on this issue. This is what he should say on August 6.

A clear and present danger
The Hill / Bob Dodge, MD

As with any public health threat from tuberculosis to polio and Ebola we must prevent what we cannot cure. Our greatest existential public health threat, the aftermath of nuclear war is no different. Prevention is the only response. This is our prescription for survival.

Why we need to eliminate nuclear weapons
Tampa Tribune / Lynn Ringenberg, MD 

We physicians know that there can be no meaningful medical or humanitarian response to a nuclear detonation, whether the explosion is planned or accidental. That’s why we feel a responsibility to speak out. At the annual meeting in June, the American Medical Association adopted a resolution urging the U.S. and all national governments to continue to work to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons.

Remembering the bomb that changed the world
Seattle Times / Judy Lipton & David Barash

Since many Americans consider the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to have been legitimate, it isn’t surprising that Hiroshima Day (Aug. 6) and Nagasaki Day (Aug. 9) haven’t made it onto the national calendar. But they should. We propose Aug. 6 and Aug. 9 should be “Nuclear Awareness Days.”

Threat of nuclear war still a possibility in 21st century
Kennebec Journal / Dr. Peter Wilk

In the next few months, Congress must make crucial decisions that will either increase the likelihood of nuclear weapons being used again or help pull us back from the potential catastrophe such weapons may unleash.

It's time to ban nuclear weapons
The Oregonian / Sean Tenney

It is up to us to make sure that such a loss of life as occurred at Hiroshima and Nagasaki is never repeated. We can start by becoming the first of the nuclear-armed nations to join the 110 countries that support the "humanitarian pledge" to ban nuclear weapons.

Remembering Hiroshima-Nagasaki: Envisioning peace
Iowa City Press-Citizen / Dorothy Paul

Because I believe that personal stories define one’s humanity, I am sharing some of my experiences related to Hiroshima-Nagasaki, happenings that have contributed to me becoming a person who now asks: “When will the violence end?”

70 years after Hiroshima, world marching toward the unthinkable
Raleigh News & Observer / Clay Whitehead & Neil Offen

Over the next three decades, the American people will be asked to pay about $1 trillion to support this repair program whose chief function (if we are lucky) is to transfer billions from the American people to the nuclear arms industry.

Nagasaki mon amour
Providence Journal / John Pastore, MD

It wasn't until I worked as a young physician in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki that I fully grasped the significance of Nagasaki, especially. The meaning is more moral than military.

On Hiroshima's 70th anniversary, an argument to get rid of nukes: Jim Heckman
Penn Live / Jim Heckman

Is nuclear weapons elimination a good idea?  Well, maybe.  For purposes of our nation, the answer to that question is like anything else—it is necessary to look at what we're getting for our investment, and if that investment is worth it.

These are just our top 10 picks. Click here to see the full list of our media wave coverage, including radio interviews, tv appearances, international coverage, etc.

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