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Obama Met With Four Horse Men

Posted by Jill Marie Parillo on May 20, 2009

President Obama met with authors of a 2007 Wall Street Journal article that pushed the international community onto a nuclear weapons free world wave. Former secretaries, Henry Kissinger, and George Schultz, and two leading Democrats, Sam Nunn, and William Perry met with President Obama to help him realize what he committed America to in Prague last month, “a world without nuclear weapons.’’ 

After the talk, President Obama said from the Oval Office May 19 that he “had a wonderful discussion with four of the most preeminent national security thinkers that we have…all of who’ve come together and helped inspire policies of this Administration and a speech that I gave to Prague, which set forward a long-term vision of a world without nuclear weapons.”

He said that in his perspective the group came “together to help galvanize recognition that we do not want a world of continued nuclear proliferation.” America has to take leadership on this effort and work with not only Russia but all nations “to reduce and ultimately eliminate the dangers posed by nuclear weapons,” said the President.

The President laid out “specific steps, measurable steps, and verifiable steps” in order to do this.  He said that “we can re-vitalize our Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty,” work with the Russians to continue to reduce our dependence on nuclear weapons, “move forward on a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty,” and “lock down loose nuclear weapons that can fall in the hands of terrorists.”

Physicians for Social Responsibility shares the concerns and recommendations laid out by ‘the four horse men’ in their January 4, 2007 op-ed “A World Free of Nuclear Weapons,” in which they called for:

  • Increase warning time to reduce accidental use of a nuclear weapon.
  • Entry into force of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).
  • Further reductions in the US nuclear stockpile.
  • Securing weapons-usable material.
  • Stepping up efforts to stop the emergence of new nuclear powers.

PSR also greatly supports President Obama’s call for his steps to zero to become “one of our highest priorities.”  Nuclear threats are increasing because of terrorism and loose nuclear material, but hope is also on the rise for the implementation of new policies that will ultimately eliminate these threats.


Arthur said ..

You would do well to take these measures to the Chinese & the Russians, as they and NOT the United States are the persons that WILL utlize these weapons on our cities and YOUR families. I doubt they are also in complete agreement the United States should have no weapons of mass destruction or the ability to make war, as they are not freedom loving governments nor are they peaceful. Unilateral disarmament of the United States is a foolhardy endeavour, but I am sure a well liked idea on the dinner circuit. Thank you.

November 5, 2012
heather said ..

so cool

September 22, 2009
heather said ..


September 22, 2009

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