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Take Action

Help PSR stop thousands of shipments of radioactive waste through 44 states.

Thank You for Joining the Conversation

More ways you can help save the world ~

Choose one thing out of these five, and go for it!

  • Ask one of your instructors to incorporate the Ted Ed lesson into the  coursework for your class
  • Watch all 14 of the Nukebusters films. Tweet out your favorites and post to facebook
  • Use Nukemap to find out the effects of a nuclear attack on your town, using customizable inputs
  • Follow the progress of the ban treaty campaign at ICAN (ICAN = International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons)
  • Arrange to speak to a campus student group about the Humanitarian Impact Campaign. You can use the myriad resources available here.

For more ideas and involvement, please contact PSR's Security Program Director, Martin Fleck,

Page Updated September 15, 2017