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Building Advocacy Skills

It takes many skills to be an effective advocate. PSR has developed a 5-part webinar series to highlight strategies in each of the following areas with real-life examples.

We hope that you will utilize these presentations and gain the confidence to give the presentations yourself.

Part 1: Advocacy overview
Held on November 20, 2013
Presented by Dr. Catherine Thomasson

Advocacy PowerPoint
Organizing Strategy Chart

Part 2: Public Speaking
Held on Thursday, January 23, 2014
Presented by Dr. Andy Kanter

Public Speaking PowerPoint
Public Speaking Handout

Worried about public speaking? Do you need a solid grounding in public speaking skills? This presentation will help you become an effective speaker to your peers, the public, or the Dean of your medical school.

Part 3: Fundraising
Held on Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Presented by Michelle Gin

Fundraising PowerPoint
Fundraising Webinar Video

We live in a world where money for campaigns, banners, educational materials, speakers, transportation/conference registration scholarships, etc. does not grow on trees. Darn it! 

Like all movements that have made positive change in our history, it requires activists who will advocate an issue to the general public and elected officials that can make policy change. And to make our voices heard, to become educated and empowered as an advocate, it requires fundraising. 

Learn how to utilize your current network, local community, and the media to promote your cause while raising funds!

SPSR students should strongly consider viewing this particular webinar to learn how to fundraise for the SPSR Meet-Up this May in Iowa or for the IPPNW International Peace Bike Tour, Student Congress, and 21st World Congress in Kazakhstan this August.

Part 4: Lobbying
Held on Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Presented by Dr. Lauren Zajac

Lobbying Presentation
How to Lobby Handout

We lobby to influence specific legislation, provide in-depth information on our issue, convey the views of many constituents, learn about what is happening with your issue in this Congress, and build a relationship with our legislators. This webinar shows you how to identify ways to research and access your elected representatives and to outline a typical legislative visit and prepare participants to conduct a lobbying visit.

Part 5: Advocacy Writing
Held on Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Presented by Dr. Catherine Thomasson and Michelle Gin

Advocacy writing may sound scary, but with our helpful tips and encouragement, you'll be writing in no time! This presentation will focus on letters-to-the-editor and opinion editorials (op-ed). Further, it will touch on utilizing social media as a way to influence public opinion.

Writing for Advocacy Presentation
Advocacy Writing Handout

Page Updated April 9, 2014