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Make a difference in the challenge to confront global warming and prevent nuclear war and the development and use of nuclear weapons.

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Resources & Publications

Informed activism is principled and effective activism. PSR aims to provide the best materials for its network of members and activists to work at the grassroots level against nuclear weapons, global warming, and environmental contamination. Select an Issue or Resource Type to search for up-to-date information to help you take action in your community.

Resource Type

  • Consequences of a Single Failure of Nuclear Deterrence

    Only a single failure of nuclear deterrence is required to start a nuclear war, and the consequences of such a failure would be profound. PSR Senior Scientist Steven Starr, February 2011. Read more »

  • Why Medical Students Should Care About Nuclear Weapons

    When public health crises occur, whether they be the unexpected side effects of a medication, a grave natural disaster or an epidemic, doctors are looked to as leaders and advocates for treatment and future prevention. In the event of a nuclear explosion, doctors would be the vanguards of the emergency response. Read more »

  • An Assessment of the Extent of Projected Global Famine Resulting From Limited, Regional Nuclear War

    Even a “limited” nuclear conflict would have global implications with significant cooling of the earth's surface and decreased precipitation in many parts of the world, and even a modest, sudden decline in agricultural production could trigger significant increases in the prices for basic foods and hoarding on a global scale, both of which would make food inaccessible to poor people in much of the world. Read more »

  • CTBT Today: More Reasons for Ratification

    In the years since 1999, when the United States Senate failed to ratify the CTBT, many changes have occurred. The U.S. must take the lead once again on nuclear non-proliferation and ratify the CTBT. Read more »

  • Video: PSR's Dr. Andrew Kanter Speaks at UN on Nuclear Testing

    On the UN General Assembly's 4th International Day Against Nuclear Testing, Dr. Kanter presented the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and called for a treaty banning nuclear weapons followed by their total elimination. Read more »

  • Public Health and Social Justice Reader

    Martin T. Donohoe, MD, is adjunct associate professor in Community Health at Portland State University. He is chief scientific advisor to Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility's Campaign for Safe Foods. Read more »

  • The Silent Epidemic: Coal and the Hidden Threat to Health

    In The Silent Epidemic, Alan Lockwood, a physician, describes and documents the impacts of the coal fuel cycle on human health. Lockwood’s comprehensive treatment examines every aspect of coal, from its complex chemical makeup to details of mining, transporting, burning, and disposal—each of which generates significant health concerns. Read more »

  • Prescription for Survival: A Doctor's Journey to End Nuclear Madness

    In Prescription for Survival, Bernard Lown tells the remarkable story of how he and Eugene Chazov, cardiologists whose countries were on opposite sides of the Cold War, created and nurtured the organization International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) from its inception in 1980 through its receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985. Read more »

  • Climate Chaos

    Written thoughtfully for a lay audience, this book by PSR Board member Cindy Parker and psychologist and former journalist Steve Shapiro describes in lay terms how climate change will affect our health if it continues unabated. Read more »

  • Outgunned: Up Against the NRA

    Co-author Daniel G. Abel, part of the Catano Litigation Group started by the colorful New Orleans attorney Wendell Gauthier, teamed up with Peter Brown, a journalist, to tell the story of how Gauthier, who had made fame and fortune tackling tobacco companies, decided to take on the gun industry as the next big cause. Read more »


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