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Letter to House Appropriations on Quigley Amendment

Dear Representative,

We strongly encourage you to support Rep. Mike Quigley’s amendment to the Energy and Water Development Act, H.R. 4923, which would eliminate the $7.6 million increase in funding for the warhead for the proposed new nuclear-armed cruise missile. The amendment would fund the program at the administration’s requested level of $9.4 million.
The reason for the cut is simple: there has been no final decision by the Obama administration to pursue the new cruise missile. Furthermore, in the FY 2015 budget request, the Air Force and the National Nuclear Security Administration postponed further development of the new system by three years. The Air Force is only requesting $4.9 million in FY 2015 to further study potential options, and has delayed making any significant investment in the project.
Moreover, in June, the House Defense Appropriations subcommittee cut roughly $1.5 million from the administration’s $4.9 million request.
In that light, it makes no sense to increase funds for the warhead component of this project. In this time of tight budgets, Congress should not be supporting increased funding for programs that may not be necessary.
While the level of funding is relatively small at this point, initial estimates of the total cost for the new cruise missile are $20-30 billion. In addition, the Air Force is planning to buy up to 100 new penetrating bombers (at a cost of up to $100 billion) and the Air Force and NNSA are updating the B61 gravity bomb (at a cost of more than $10 billion). We cannot afford a new penetrating bomber, a new gravity bomb, AND a new cruise missile.
Please support Rep. Quigley’s amendment to eliminate the increase in funding for the warhead for the new cruise missile. It is the sensible choice.
Ryan Alexander, President
Taxpayers for Common Sense

Tom Z. Collina, Research Director
Arms Control Association
David Culp, Legislative Representative
Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quakers)
Erica Fein, Nuclear Weapons Policy Officer
Doug Hall, Executive Director
National Priorities Project

John Isaacs, Executive Director
Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation
Marylia Kelley, Executive Director
Tri-Valley CAREs

Benjamin Loehrke, Senior Policy Analyst
Ploughshares Fund
Paul Kawika Martin, Political Director
Peace Action
Robert Naiman. Policy Director
Just Foreign Policy

Ashish Sinha, Program Director
Alliance for Nuclear Accountability

Catherine Thomasson, MD
Executive Director
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Stephen Young, Senior Analyst
Global Security Program
Union of Concerned Scientists

Page Updated July 22, 2014

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