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Make a difference in the challenge to confront global warming and prevent nuclear war and the development and use of nuclear weapons.

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Tell your representative you want health-protective chemical reform -- not reform that places industry costs over your health and safety!

Additional Giving Resources

GoodSearch is a search engine which donates 50-percent of its revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users. It's a simple and compelling concept. You use GoodSearch exactly as you would any other search engine. Because it's powered by Yahoo!, you get proven search results. The money GoodSearch donates to Physicians for Social Responsibility comes from its advertisers — the users and the organizations do not spend a dime!
When you make a purchase from through PSR’s connection, as much as 10% of the cost of your order will be donated to PSR.  Just click from anywhere you see it on PSR’s website and Amazon will automatically send the portion of your sales that is a donation to PSR. Click here to see PSR's book recommendations and reviews.

EarthShare and the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
EarthShare manages workplace giving campaigns for PSR and helps us raise critical funds.  In EarthShare's payroll contribution drives at the workplace, employees may pledge a small amount of each paycheck to help solve environmental problems.

As a member of EarthShare, PSR participates annually in the largest workplace giving campaign in the nation - the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for employees of the federal government and the U.S. military. If you are a government or military employee and would like to give to PSR through the CFC, please enter CFC code #10640 on your pledge card during the next fund drive.

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