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Americans support banning and eliminating nuclear weapons. Please help spread the word by writing to your local paper.

Dr. Barbara Warren

Dr. Barbara Warren is a graduate of Northwestern University Medical School and the University of Michigan School of Public Health. She worked as a community health physician and health care administrator for 35 years in Chicago, Tucson and Denver.  Barbara is one of the founding members of the Arizona Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility.   


Barbara is the mother of three children. In her personal life, she is making strides in living sustainably with solar powered electricity, solar hot water heating and rain water harvesting at her home. Since 2011, she's driven an electric car. When it’s not too hot, she grows vegetables in her back yard.


Because of her commitment to "The Big Picture," Barbara has worked tirelessly to address the health effects of climate change in many political venues in Arizona. Barbara included PSR in her will in order to continue the work she is so actively engaged in today. "It takes money to run programs at PSR.  As a National Board member and chapter founder, I saw this first hand."


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