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Tell your representative you oppose President Trump's anti-climate executive order—and they should too.

Kent Bransford

Kent has been a climate change medical adviser to PSR for years and has spoken to hundreds of medical, college and community audiences around the country about how smart energy choices can improve our health, climate and security.  Kent is committed to the vision of a healthy, just and peaceful world. 

When he was asked about his membership in the Legacy Society for a Safe and Healthy Future, Kent wrote:

Together PSR members have made advances in protecting human life from the gravest threats to health and survival.  Yet, challenges abound.  There is much to be done to protect our children from the dangers of nuclear proliferation, global warming and the toxic degradation of the environment.  I want to be part of the effort to build a world we are proud to leave for future generations.

I believe strongly in leaving my two children - and their children - a safe and healthy world.  I spoke to my financial planner about a planned gift that would benefit my family and PSR.  Together we determined that a bequest to PSR would meet my financial goals and support PSR.

I hope others will join with me to make our shared vision a reality.  We play a crucial role in the future of PSR and in the future of our planet.

 To find out which planned gift is right for you, contact Senior Manager of Philanthropy Christine Herrmann at 202-587-5239 or