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Your membership supports PSR's work to reduce global warming, eliminate toxics in our environment and abolish nuclear weapons. YOU make our work possible. Thank you.

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Tell your representative you oppose President Trump's anti-climate executive order—and they should too.

PSR Champions

PSR's goals of preventing a nuclear attack and saving our environment are also our top concerns.  Thus, we wish to support the organization now and into the future.  PSR is a leader in the disarmament and environmental health communities and we are proud to have our names associated with such a wonderful institution.

We have honored our concern for PSR's issues by leaving a Bequest to Physicians for Social Responsibility.  We are taking a step toward making a difference.  We look forward to living long, fulfilling lives but we also want to make sure that our children and grandchildren inherit a protected, safe and healthy planet.

These special gift arrangements will have a meaningful impact on public health and safety.  Planned gifts often provide contributors significant financial benefits such as increased income, lower income tax, bypass of capital gains, elimination of potential estate taxes, diversification of assets, and more.

Read inspiring stories about some members of the Legacy Society for a Safe and Healthy World—and learn how and why other PSR supporters created their own legacy of compassion.


Dr. Jim and Sandy Jones


Dr. Michael McCally and
Dr. Christine Cassel

Dr. Kent Bransford Dr. Barbara Warren

To find out which planned gift is right for you, contact Senior Manager of Philanthropy Christine Herrmann at 202-587-5239 or