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Our nation's clean water policy should provide all communities with access to healthy, safe water by protecting the streams and wetlands that contribute to our drinking water supply.

Take action now to prevent US bombing in Iraq!

June 26, 2014

The terrible violence in Iraq has prompted calls for U.S. military intervention there, yet again. This could happen very soon, and President Obama is weighing the pros and cons. Our best tool to stop this is to urge the president to come to Congress for authorization before using military force.

Urging the president to come to Congress for authorization was essential to preventing the U.S. from going to war in Syria last year, when 192 members of the House said he had to come to Congress for authorization before using military force. The president did go to Congress, and when he couldn’t get authorization for force, he chose diplomacy instead. We have the same opportunity now.

Help stop the rush to war; email your US Representative today!

Representatives Scott Rigell (Republican, VA-2nd) and Barbara Lee (Democrat, California-13th) are circulating a bipartisan sign-on letter in Congress RIGHT NOW, calling on the president to respect the Constitutional requirement to seek Congressional authorization before using military force. If we can get enough Members of Congress to sign onto the Rigell-Lee letter, we can keep American bombs from falling yet again over Iraq.

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  • Let Diplomacy Work with Iran!

    Please tell your representative and senators to resist Congressional meddling with crucial negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.

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