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Tell Tillerson: Diplomacy with North Korea will save lives

August 16, 2017

Please contact Secretary of State Tillerson and show your support for direct talks with North Korea about their nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. No war with North Korea!

Use the comment form at the State Department’s web portal to send a message to Secretary of State Tillerson. You can cut and paste the text below into the comment portal. For greater impact, remember to fill in the subject line and personalize your message to Secretary Tillerson.

Dear Secretary of State Tillerson,

Thank you for supporting direct talks with North Korea over their nuclear weapons and missile programs. I am very concerned about the escalating rhetoric between Chairman Kim Jong-un and President Trump. Please ensure that the United States does not box itself into a regrettable course of action. It is vital to stop trading threats and provocations. Diplomacy is the only path forward. Please do everything in your power to pursue negotiations with North Korean representatives without preconditions. I would appreciate your response.


[Your name]

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