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November 2021: COP26 analysis, #DemandAccess campaign, and more
October 2021: Climate Advocacy, A new generation takes on Nuclear Weapons abolition, Social Justice and Nuclear Weapons, and more!
September 2021: Congress prioritizes nuclear weapons over American lives, Dangerous submarine deal with Australia, Military climate emissions, and more
August 2021: Remembering Barbara Lee’s “No” vote on Afghanistan War, appreciating the work of PSR interns, and more!
July 2021: Fracking with Forever Chemicals, Health Professionals for 100% Clean Energy, Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and more
June 2021: Biden-Putin Summit, Fracking Chemicals, and more
May 2021: No Cold War with China, Remembering a Disarmament Hero, Stronger Methane Standards Needed, and more
April 2021: No First Use Act, Military Spending, Celebrating Earth Day, New Staff, and more
March 2021: Re-Thinking Security, Iran Deal, Fracking and Covid, and more
February 2021: Gas Ban Victory in Seattle, Clean Energy Future, New Weapons of Mass Destruction, and more
January 2021: The Ban Treaty is here, Biden seeks New START extension, fossil fuel victories in the Pacific Northwest, and more

December 2020: Nuclear Testing Victory in Congress, New Fracking Compendium Released, EPA at 50, Remembering Dr. Jack Geiger and more
November 2020: Court Win on Fracking Public Lands, Nuclear Weapons Testing, What the Biden Win Means for Climate and Nuclear Weapons, and more
October 2020: Ban Treaty Reaches 50 Ratifications, New START Developments, Fossil Fuel Divestment, Climate Resilience, and more
September 2020: Nuclear Ban Treaty, LNG win, Climate Voices, Methane Rollbacks, and more
August 2020: Advancing Green Justice, House Climate Report, Replacing Gas with Electric Power, and more
July 2020: Commemorating Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Pentagon budget, Nuclear divestment, Climate and Covid, and more
June 2020: New START Treaty, Environmental Justice, Hiroshima & Nagasaki 75th Anniversary, and more
May 2020: Nuclear Weapons Testing, Legality of Nuclear Weapons, Indoor Air Pollution, and more
April 2020: Big Court Win, Earth Day Celebrations, Global Ceasefire, Nuclear Costs, and more
March 2020: COVID-19, War Powers Resolution Victory in Congress, and Climate Voices
February 2020: Trump’s Budget Drastically Increases Nuclear Weapons Spending while Slashing Key Domestic Programs
January 2020: PSR Sues to Protect Public Lands from Fracking

December 2019: New Report on “Climate and Health Risks of Liquified Natural Gas”
November 2019: 2019 Visionary Leaders Awards Ceremony and Symposium Celebrate Bold Changemakers
October 2019: Greater Boston PSR and Washington PSR Host Events to Highlight Nuclear Weapons Issues
September 2019: Global Climate Strike Calls Attention to Health Emergency
August 2019: New white paper on climate and health
July 2019: Hiroshima Nagasaki – Never Again!
June 2019: Oregon PSR disarmament resolution wins in the state legislature
May 2019: PSR calls on Congress to prevent war with Iran
April 2019: Too Much Money for Nukes, Not Enough for Human Health
March 2019: Important Court Victory Against Fracking
February 2019: Thirty-three organizations call for constructive U.S. diplomacy with Korea
January 2019: The Green New Deal: Just What the Doctor Ordered

December 2018: PSR view of Climate Accords in Poland: “We will not stop here”
November 2018: New ICAN Cities Appeal inspired by PSR’s work in American cities
October 2018: Facing up to the climate crisis
September 2018: EPA rolls back methane capture rules
August 2018: PSR rejects the Trump Administration’s proposal to gut the Clean Power Plan
July 2018: Hiroshima/Nagasaki Never Again
June 2018: ‘Denuclearization’—Why stop at North Korea?
May 2018: Oppose EPA’s move to censor science
April 2018: PSR to Trump: Fire Scott Pruitt
March 2018: New Fracking Compendium lauded in Rolling Stone
February 2018: Extend the Olympic Truce, prevent war with North Korea
January 2018: Trump’s new nuclear policy veers us into more dangerous territory